.latest update from Sexy Blogger Tee.

Finally, I've received a msg from the factory. These are the sizes I wanted.

Sizes :

5 S
6 M
7 L
1 S Baby T
8 M Baby T
3 XL

u ve ordered too many sizes, based on ur qty, u can only ordered 3 sizes of t-shirts.
Baby-t, M and XL, 3XL (4 sizes)
One more thing, the joining of front & back design cant be exactly accurate, because it's separated when printing (front piece & back piece).
aft printing, during the sewing process, it might either be higher or lower than the actual position.
hope u can understand.

Thus if anyone can offer me a suggestion on how do I improvise this, please notify me. There is another way that is... more orders. but so far i have difficulty getting even 50 pieces. The current count stands at less than 35.

anyone up for more?
October 16, 2005


Yvonne Foong said…
Can we have an M baby-tee?
Jimmy Ang said…
i think the baby-tees are all free size. at least according to them.
5xmom.com said…
Hey Jimmy
I just emailed you something. Lemme know, ok?


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