.i plead and i beg.

Giving the gift of life.
If I lay on the bed, do not bother me as I am sleeping,
If I use a machine, do not bother me as I am playing,
If I depend on a machine, do not forget me for I am not dead,
I am not dead, just moving on.

If I was lying on a bed, depending on a machine,
take it off, for it is not helping,
take it off, for i cannot see you,
i cannot hear you,
i cannot love you through a machine.

I do not want you to see me lying there helpless,
I want you to remember me smiling, laughing,
not sleeping.

See me through my eyes, not through the screen of a panel.
If all of one day I am depending on a machine to live, let me go..
Let me go with love and with care for I know you love me.
And in return for the love I have received as long as I live, let me love others...

My eyes have seen colours and beauty, maybe even horror and the ugly side of nature,
but give it anyway,
give it to the girl or the boy who is living in the dark,
who is groping aimlessly,
who had not seen the colours of the rainbow or the beauty of the sea.

My bones have brought me up, made me standing,
give it to the person who needs it, who needs my bone to stand up again.

Give my kidneys which I use to filter the dirt, because someone needs it to filter their dirt,
See to it that they do not suffer, that they do not need to depend on a machine,
they do not need to be like me.

Rip my heart if you want to, so that others will beat again.

Take my liver if you need to, so that others will live again.

Take my body, open it, analyze it, use it,
so that another person can open anything, analyze anything and use anything,
make them walk, make them move, let them discover.

Take me away, and give them me.

So that I may live on.
So that I may go on.
So that I may continue to love.

Burn my ashes and scatter them in the sea, on the break of dawn,
So that it may glitter and you do not need to mourn in front of my ashes anymore.

I have given my love to you,
I have given my life to another person,
I have buried my sins in the depths of hell,
I have given my soul to GOD.
written by : jimmy ang
inspired by : robert n test

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October 19, 2005


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