.happy birthday dad and go away pontianak.

12th October 2005, today would've been dad's birthday.

i'm in no mood to post.

so, i've decided to dedicate this post to the person that needs it more than me, peter chai.

Dear Peter Chai,

your head is extremely big and your hair makes it look even bigger. when i was browsing your site in the cafe and there was this girl beside me, the first thing she said when i scrolled by your face with your long hair is " wah lau! see ghost ar!". that's the truth. i apologize if it hurt your feelings but even i was shocked when i saw how long your hair was.

You are right, people would pay you just to make sure that you cut your hair. you've instilled fear in all of us. we're all scared in case we met you in a dark toilet somewhere in the airport. since you did complain that you can't open the door and could be trapped inside there, imagine how loud the auntie cleaner would shout if she sees you in the abandoned toilet at 10 pm? or even worse, 12 pm? me? i'd surely get a heart attack.

Peter, i know you used to have a short hair as indicated in your blog profile. see, so handsome? why want to have long hair?

so sien see your long hair for forty two months.

somemore i think you damn keng. can influence other people to go botak and ask people to pay money so that they can see more poeple become botak. i think botak people quite leng chai and yeng.. but.. don't overdo it.

however, now you want to change youself into spock from star trek. i like spock and i think i will like your new botak face more than your pontianak face.

watch the transformation process from pontianak to spock... :)

but i damn like what you doing. can raise 5000 for hospice. i damn "pui fuk" you. so i decide to plug this for you because i no money to pay you, then i have to do it the poor man's way.

so the poor man all, let's plug him. and electrify him. i mean, plug him and make him more fehmes.

for rich ones, just go pay him so that you no need to see his stupid pontianak face for another forty two months.

read peter chai's hairy project here...

image bandwidth stolen from peter chai cause i hate his pontianak hair and i lazy to download and reupload. so sorry mr. peter.

October 12, 2005


Peter said…
That profile photo was with my hair tied back into a pony tail... Thanks for the plug.


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