.the green ribbon.

what the heck the previous post is about? it's actually about donating your organs.

you see, i've been told that each and every year, hundreds.. maybe thousands of people die while waiting for a suitable organ. malaysians are really dense when it comes to these things. especially when religion is not really promoting it.

it is up to us, humans with sensible brains to think whether our organs who mean so much more to someone who has never seen light, to someone who has never left their house without worrying about dialysis, to someone who can not stand up, to someone who is in need...

once people are brain dead, usually the doctor would ask the parents to donate their organs, however, it is really hard for doctors to open their mouth. i mean, if you dissect the discourse, they're basically asking their mourning parents whether they are permitted to hack them up and take their internal organs out so that another person can have it for free.

that's one way to look at it. but there's a reason why organ receivers are never told about who their donor is. just to avoid the simple fact of forever in debt. some people, i mean this is "human nature", would want some repayment for their act of kindness, these may come in small favors, maybe even acknowldgements but it could also be money or wealth that they're after. it is not what the doctors and the public or society are promoting.

the donors should the consequences, should discuss with their family about it and to state their wants. the people who is on the bed should be making the decision, not the one crying over the person on the bed.

and no, organ donors won't look ugly after the op, in fact, they couldn't look any better. cause they gave the biggest gift of all time. the gift that only GOD gave to them once... now they're giving the gift of LIFE.

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October 19, 2005


5xmom.com said…
*hands up* Pledge all organs except my skin. It is important to educate our old folks about it 'cos if we kick the bucket, they will be the one to approve it. Pledge or no pledge, if the next- of-kin did not permit, tarak organ.

Can I share with you a letter published in The Star which I wrote about organs donation? http://www.mymomsbest.com/news_articles/organletter.htm

Remove the link if you think I am whoring for traffic.
Anonymous said…
yes, it is useless if your next of kin do not permit it. that's why it is really important to tell people that YOU want to donate. YOU make the decisions.

like i said, spread the green ribbon. make people know.


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