.freaking maggots in my house.

everyone's back but and usually i don't cook or throw rubbish in the kitchen. but i do use it.

since yesterday, it has been eminating such a distinct foul smell that i run whenever i pass by the place. today, i found the cause.

yes, it's the trash which we haven't thrown out in like 10 years or so... kidding, maybe a week. but there's i think like extra terrestrial stuffs inside. i mean, weird beings not supposed to live in a house is inside that big plastic filth.

the imminent culprit

and i saw it. i dare not gape with my mouth wide fearing that the smell might portrude my lungs through my mouth.

it was an AWESOME sight. YUCKY but awesome. I mean, you seldom see this event in a house with 5 girls. you know the myth that girls are cleaner than guys? it's just a freaking myth. cause the only place i think is clean in the entire house is their fucking rooms. the hall, messy. the kitchen (which is definitely not my fucking FAULT cause I never cook..) is appaling.

all in all, i had to wash the place and throw the rubbish. just thinking about it makes me want to puke.

and just click the link below to see how disgusted i was at it.

Click Me

my room aint no saint but at least it has no freaking maggots. Fuck you KNNBCCB maggots. DIE you CBK.

there, now.. back to the drawing board.
daily dose
October 26, 2005


Anonymous said…
eeEEEewwWWww!!! why is it dripping?!?! omg..i hope u didnt have a hard time cleaning that up..haha it looks so gross..disgusting...urrgghh! oh..but i stepped on maggots before..lol :P
Alicia said…
-.- i wish dat i could live in ur house rather that living in my current condo with 4 guys... the house was in shitty condition b4 i moved in...
Jimmy Ang said…
hahaha. at least with guys it's predictable! :)


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