.finally a reply.

Dear Mr Jimmy Ang

Your email of the 22nd of October 2005 was forwarded to me by our CCR department this evening, and I wish to thank you very much for bringing the matter to our attention.
I will personally conduct a thorough investigation into the said incident and we hope to give you a reply as soon as possible.
Thank you very much.

K H Chan
Executive Director

Now, at least I know they're doing something. I mean, if there was no way to know if I was innocent (no camera, no backdated account, no stock check or anything... they can only ask, "when did you buy this jacket?") then it'd be a battle of words between me and the worker. And if the worker insists that I was the one who stole it, who's there to believe me? I'm sure he has more people to support him there than I do.

And buta buta I masuk jail or go to court...

And they really can't rely on checking the stock. What if someone stole it before me? And then I come in innocently wearing the same apparel? How? I also kena lar?

I really wanted to know what could've been done to ensure that I was innocent and WHY in the BLUE FREAKING HELL weren't they doing it?

again, no mood to post my review on SKY HIGH.... :(
October 24, 2005


mob1900 said…
ask them to send you a 6-pack of ohkaus to soong fan tiu hei, if not go on 'No-Padini' strike. kekekekek
Reta said…
he could've just said 'thorough' investigation just to pacify you ler..
Anonymous said…
Haha u wun masuk jail lar, relax. U shud haf asked the Padini dudes to give u like life-time discounts for Padini products :)
Jimmy Ang said…
mob : mahai, that one call peras ugut ady wei..

reta : yes, maybe but i expect a reply after the investigation or they will hear from me again.

alex : life time discounts.... wooo!
Jimmy Ang said…
wingz... sure or not?


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