.bug me not.

this is a weird hong kong movie. cameo from charlene choi and gillian chung from the twins fame.

this movie is just weird cause they have this bug effect which is somehow cartoonish and the people and the plot and basically everything is weird. If you like weird stuff, go enjoy it, if not, don't even bother getting the vcd. cause the storyline sucks. the acting sucks, the plot sucks, the cast sucks, the effects are nothing shocking... basically a mediocre movie.

now i wouldn't want to talk much about it. let's see what some people say about it...
Moon (Isabella Leong) is a supposed misfit. When she was a kid she uttered baby speak for far too long, much to the concern of her mom (Candy Lo, playing above her age). Now a leggy teen, Moon is estranged for her utter weirdness, but she has a couple of things going for her. One, she's in love with Hyland (Wilson Chen), a local teen who works at a housewares store run by his pop (Lawrence Cheng). Two, Moon can talk to bugs. When she saves one-dotted ladybug Coochie (voiced by Hong Kong's go-to voice actor Jan Lam), she discovers that she and Coochie can hold a conversation. Soon she's got bugs singing her songs, plus helping her romance Hyland, who has serious problems with touching people. Can Coochie help Moon get close enough to Hyland to confess her feelings for him?

If you think the above plot sounds coherent, then you should pass along whatever it is you're smoking. Really, Bug Me Not has no direction whatsoever, and limps along with no discernible rhyme, reason, or necessity. The storyline is a narrative hodgepodge that jumps between awkward teen romance, misfit superhero flick, Bug's Life ripoff, and the worst parts of a Wong Jing movie. The occasional song and dance numbers are limp and oddly placed, and the movie itself can't seem to decide what it wants to be. The main story seems to be about Coochie helping Moon confess her love, but when it detours into a possible confrontation between the bugs and humanity, one has to wonder where that came from. Bug Me Not is a piñata of mixed messages, ranging from "accept yourself" to "bugs are good" to "express yourself" to "even the Twins can't save a movie."
all in all, sucks.

overall: 0.5/10
October 25, 2005


Anonymous said…
hey tat 2nd pic. the girl on the right.. she's one of of the TWINS rite? she so pretty lar.. :)
Anonymous said…
yes, she is one of the twins and she is the better one out of the two.. :)
Anonymous said…
It's not as bad as you think....it's just that you're not the right type of person to watch this kind of movie...


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