.why do i blog?

why do i blog?

let me just give a brief history. it all started during my practicals. i was frustated and needed a way to release my stress. since my housemates are all stressed out too, i decided that i need to find another way to release my stress. At about the same time, friendster came out with typepad and friendster blog. It was easy and my close friends had access to it. It was from there that I started blogging.

It all came out in a torrent. I cursed, from the front to the back, from top to bottom. every page was littered with the word f*ck and sh*t and things like that. Soon, some of my friends were reading and commenting cause they found it different. Not the usual day of normal boring life, but the retarded chronicles of an angst teacher cum student.

but as time progressed i wondered when friendster will delete my blog! you know, for excessive swearing and all that. God knows how their terms of service works and i've had my fair share of brushes with the authority to know that... we can't do DICK about it. they are the almighty powerful dudes and dudettes controlling our blog. Hey, if we want freedom of speech, go get a domain and your own space.
Also, i find it irritating that I can't add my links at the sidebar. Not to mention with the limited editing capability, i can't do dipshit about it. bummer!

anyway= i turned back to blogger. I said back because i blogged in blogger once before. but at that time blogging was never a culture like now. Besides, i moved and the loss of streamyx for 4 months prompted me to delete the site.

So, I came back to the place where it all started. I crossposted some of the stuffs back, linked the previous blog here and started modifying and playing with themes and sidebar links.

Again, I was happily blogging! I was happy. I can release my stress onto unsuspecting readers. I was also evil.

A few days after that, I remembered PPS, a link my lecturer once gave me. I never knew what it was but i knew it had something to do with blogging. I thought it was some old fart's blog. I went in, bah, nothing appealing! looks crowded and full of topics. And then i started clicking on the links, which led me to, oh, a link exchange or something like that. I was wrong and naive.

I registered and started pinging. At that time, I don't even know what permalink is. I thought it was the original URL of my blog. But somehow i managed to figure it out. don't ask me why and how but i did.

Then the traffic was slowly increasing. People i didn't know started commenting. I thought, hey I need to know the stats of my website, so i went back to extremestats and transferred the old link to this site. I need it to count the stats for this site. The previous site was dead a long time ago but there were 2 visitors in the last 1 month! wow!

anyway, once i started pinging and installing a stat tracker, i checked my stats. quite frequently actually.

no doubt stats, clicks, page views and all of these matter. but i was beginning to lose sight of what i blogged for, what i blogged about.

it became more general. my posts that is.

it became more reader oriented. i started caring about what other people were thinking.

until one day, it dawned upon me that i no longer love writing a blog. i prefer to laze around. a blog that offered me so much solace during my practical days... gone!

then i started to know why blogging has become so boring, i was not focusing on my needs. it was always about the readers, not the writer. I knew that has to stop. I knew if i wanted to move on, my readers have to move on with me or they just move on... elsewhere maybe.

Blogging was never about popularity or pings or hits and it will never be. it is about passion, it is about you, the writer, it is about expression and it is about freedom.

i am sorry but i might, i just might... continue swearing. My motto is, if you're trilingual, make full use of it. Hokkien or no hokkien, english or no english, BM or no BM, I am here to stay and if i intend to stay, i intend to do it my way... you can do it the highway.

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September 12, 2005


totoro said…
you're right. never lose sight of why you started. if changing the way you write is an improvement or it made you happier, then no harm done. but if it makes you feel like it's no longer fun or meaningful, then just do whatever suits yourself.

it's your blog after all.
mob1900 said…
we blog because we are all BlogWhores! muahahaha
Jimmy Ang said…
totoro : my first sight was to release stress so this will be a release stress blog!

mob : hey, i no blogwhore ok! i blog pimp!
Wingz said…
mahfulat if knot curse and diuz better dun blog la !!!! ngam anot ?!!
Jimmy Ang said…
wingz : true! if cannot curse why BLOG?!
Unknown said…
I just want to know why the design is different from what u have show in the chinese newspaper dated 3rd January 07


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