.we're that blogger.

i'm the boy who curses whenever the slightest things annoy me / excite me .

i'm the boy who disobeyed his parents more than he could obey them

i'm the boy who sleeps with my butt facing up

i'm the boy holding on to my bolster everyday

i'm the boy making stupid faces on the camera and regretting it whenever i see it

i'm the guy who loves the simple things in life

i'm the guy who loves all types and genres of songs

i'm the guy who's so wishy washy that a tsunami could sweep me off from here to china

i'm the guy who rarely talks when i just met you but talks non-stop once i know you

i'm the guy who loves a girl for all she is and will try to change for her

i'm the guy who will go out of my way to help a friend

i'm the guy who's always broke

i'm the guy who's always happy but get angry easily

i'm the guy who loves perfection but hates work

i'm the guy who feels sleepy when doing work but feels ever more energetic when watching movies or anything else that i like

i'm the guy who always fall down and pretend it's not embarassing when as a matter of fact, it is

i'm the guy who acts non-chalant

i'm the guy you would never want to be with

i'm the guy wishing people would love him for who he is

i'm the guy who hope he can sing.. at least good singing

i'm the guy who smiles at everyone he rarely knows but frowns at his friends

i'm the guy who is always sensitive

i'm the guy you wouldn't want to bring back to your parents but would want to be with

i'm the guy who hates sunlight but loves moonlight

i'm the guy who gets irritated when it's hot

i'm the guy... for a one night stand

i'm the guy in need of love

i'm the guy loving every minute of life

i'm the guy you can count on... anytime...

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September 26, 2005


Anonymous said…
nice blog, bro, but watch dat english will ya? too much manglish is erm, pathetic.
mob1900 said…
we're pathetic, being pathetic is good!
minishorts said…
track back to tomorrow.sg lah...

keith: you too, watch your spelling. dat is spelt wrongly and your comment is also quite pathetic.
Jimmy Ang said…
ms : tracked ady. thanks for reminding!

keith : minishorts and mob1900 sayed it all

mob : tankiu.


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