.pretty fucked up.

my hard disk is gone... both of them, kaput! in one single stoke! MCH! how can that be!

installed a fresh version of windows, now doing some tweaking. works way faster than the previous bad sector hdd. i hate it when i lose all my data.. and my pictures. fuck life. fuck technology, give me pen, paper and a roll of film anyday!

thanks and hugz to my mom who loaned me 300 to get myself a new "80gb 7200rpm w/8mb buffer maxtor" hdd.

to the rest of the world, i'm a sour grape today. don't step on my tail.

sexy blogger tee update : i've got more than 20 orders. yippee! keep it coming!

CCB, more photos and updates tomorrow. busy with PSM and PMS..... i mean assignments!
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September 21, 2005


Anonymous said…
you got a maxtor? condolences.
Jessie said…

*Sigh.. only God knows how much we suffer
300??? too expensive!!!
Jimmy Ang said…
it costs 210 only lar


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