.the longest yard - a movie review.

it's been a long time since i can say that i had fun watching a show and this movie piece gave me exactly that feeling. with such wonderful casts such as adam sandler, what could go wrong. the last time i catched a chris rock movie, he was with jackie chan.

anyway the movie is about an ex-football player who shaved points (makan rasuah) for his match. it was eventually found out and then his career in football just ends.

desperate and frustrated with his life, he destroys his wife's benette. which i admit was a damn FINE car. it was hilarious watching him wreck it. i wouldn't want that happening to my car.

anyway, tossed into a prison where the wardens takes football with the utmost level of importance, he has decided to co-operate, in fact i think he was forced. soon after, he built a very strong con team and expectedly the warden wouldn't want his officer's team losing.

noone talks about yesterday's sex with the transvestites, deal?

this show has a very good cast with numerous unknowns being thrown into the light, but the main focus is still on adam sandler and chris rocks. and also burt reynolds.

what i love about this shown is the fact that it provided me with clean fun. i haven't got that in a show for a long time, usually it's all girls bimbotic love sappy shows and the classic good vs evil action movie. maybe it's cause i'm a guy. i watch love movies too but i expect them to move a little bit outside the box of "girl/boy falls in love, someone gets hurt, regret, fight back for love, ends".

anyway, this movie is a must watch if ....

you love adam sandler and chris rock
you love football
you want some clean fun with your pals
you love wwe and you adore goldberg and stone cold.

you have the right.. whatever! let's whoop ass!

yeah, stone cold and goldberg was in it. although goldberg shined in his previous movie, ready to rumble with oliver platt, his career was at a standstill, maybe this will propel him and stone cold to more movies later on. maybe they could do a ready to rumble 2 along with the rock also.

oliver, did anyone tell you it's the 20th century now?

overall : 7/10

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September 20, 2005


mob1900 said…
Funniest shit I've seen this year!
Watch for that muscle-laden afro-american who loves to dance and kept supplying fellow inmates with McDs, he's the dude from White Chicks, you know the dude who sang Vanessa Carlton's Thousand Miles song... that guy cracks me up! totally...
Jimmy Ang said…
yeah, the mc's in everything! lol!
Jessie said…
The movie is nice??

Want to watch ler...
Jimmy Ang said…
watch watch! recommend!


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