.how to blog like an fuckhead.

since i have no life today and yesterday and the day before, fuck. i got nothing to say. so i will like to share my experience on how to blog like a fucker.

1. write. write everyday.

2. don't think, just write.

3. after you write, think.

4. modify a few bits and if possible, correct spelling errors. "liddta n thaks si nto acuatlly vrey neic you konw?"

5. write about everything under the sun, write about your neighbour, bitch about your dog, write about your computer, write about bloggers, write about your exprience.. just write.

6. hit the publish button.

7. if people don't like it, let them be.

8. don't frown on the same issue and try to rectify your problem if it's a small issue, if it's a big issue, you're going to jail anyway.

9. move on to other issues

10. write like how you speak, not like how you write your essays for cikgu kambing.

11. when in doubt, write about reviews. book, food, movies, places, girls.. you know, those kind of shit.

12. if possible, add pictures. like me liddat!

13. use curse words to amplify your expression like fucking happy, or fucking idiot or CCB kia!

14. never plagliarise or rip. you'll never get back your credibility.

15. don't care about what other people say. your writing may be bad, but you're one damn blogger. people like you who thinks like you and acts like you and most probably looks like you will love you!

16. link people. fucking linking is good since bloggers are attention whores. that's why they coders go through all the trouble to create pings and trackbacks. and also technorati or blog search! people know we're attention seeking whores! why else would they build a system especially to link us fuckheads?

17. once in a while, get naked and post a picture of your .... hairy legs (male only) female, send the picture to jimmyang[at]gmail[dot]com for a review.

18. don't talk nonsense... wait a minute, talk nonsense.

19. never be afraid of the power of malicious gossip that you have. however, remember to prove it! or not, make sure jails have STREAMYX, cause dial-up sucks.

20. never blog to please your readers... and don't try to blog to be femes, cause minishorts will kan you kau kau!

ok lar, sleepy ady. need to do my chapter 3 of my cheebye fucking thesis!

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September 27, 2005


mob1900 said…
you're minishorts will kan us?

woooo....*surfing Feminism sites.
mob1900 said…
'sure'.. i meant 'sure'... aaarrggh! typo AGAIN... too excitedler
Jimmy Ang said…
mob is crazy... lol!


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