.Happy Birthday Suanie.

I was standing in front of the rambutan tree, looking at the red juicy fruits on top when my mother called out “Suanie, come here”. I was lazy, I ignored her. Maybe she wanted me to do some chores or go to the market and buy coconut milk for her. She needed it for her curry chicken tonight. Anyway, I looked back up and imagine the red juicy fruits in my mouth. I can’t help it, I think I am addicted to rambutans, they’re just delicious, especially the ones Pak Abu plants in his backyard. They’re extra juicy.

Mom called out again "Suanie, come here!” This time, I noticed it was louder. I didn’t care, I didn’t feel like walking to Ravi’s shop and helping her. It was a very far walk and the weather is hot. Besides, I’m waiting for her to wash and dry my shorts. I’m practically naked now. It was really normal at that time, everyone below 5 years old were naked everyday, even Kenny.

Suanie, come here now!” mom shouted again. I ignored her and sat down below the rambutan tree, thinking about dinner tonight. If I didn’t go out to help mom buy coconut milk, what would she be cooking tonight?

SUANIE! YOU COME HERE RIGHT NOW BEFORE I GO AND FIND YOU!”. This was danger. I reluctantly walked up and asked mom with an annoyed face, “What?”.

Her face told me everything. She was as red as a crab!

My mum just found my test paper. I got zero marks for my blogging test. I forgot all about it because and left it in my shorts yesterday. Well, the zero marks coupled with the annoyed feeling of calling me and not getting a response finally exploded. I ran for my life, she ran for mine too.

That was 20 years ago but that was also the day I discovered how fierce mum could get.

p/s: modified from my children literature. a dedication to suanie. Happy birthday!

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September 22, 2005


suanie said…
lol you siao tar po... THANKS MUAKS!
Jimmy Ang said…
wat siao?! MCH, write you bday dedication some more call me siao tar po?

you siao cha bo! dun drink too much! not good....



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