.foul is not only a football term.

yes, when i say foul, i mean my mood now. i've been procrastinating on stuffs i don't even want to think about. CCB, if god gave me 48 hours each day, i think i will be sleeping for 45 hours! talk about KNN lazy butt, I think my butt the heaviest shit in earth!

On a different note, i got back my Sony Ericsson K700i. It's such a beauty. I love it. I don't exactly remember or cherish it when i had it but now that it's back, all the darth vader kindamagizmos are back in place. if the CCB joystick fail again, i think i want to change my handphone lar, MCH, the joystick worse than my joystick, always malfunctioning wan. mine always functioning and active wan!

And then a small update on the sexy blogger tee. I've got almost 30 orders. I expect it to reach 30 in a few days or so.
And then, need to wait for the last 20 orders then can ask the chee bye factory to print ady. Thanks to all who made it possible. I owe you all one. If you all like, order more.

And then my friend who i said was a wuss finally asked the girl out for dinner. dunno tonight she jadi go or not. if jadi go then maybe i try to take pictures ok? of the place not of her. CCB you all so hamsap how can post pic of her out here in the brogosphere?!

a lot of things happen in the brogosphere. suanie's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY U DRUNK GIRL YOU! and also from ST.

KY keeps pimping hot chicks! He's a lucky bastard! bid for FA (recommended), Vanessa and Xaviera in his blog. They're all chicks with an atittude, and they all love getting drunk. which is good! :)

minishorts found a meme thing from sinjiapore. why is it called meme? sounds like a sheep or goat belching! yucks! anyway, try out her meemee, i'm gonna give it a try but later on. lazy lar!
and dunno which fucker go and write letter to minishorts. when you write letter to her, you're forever immortalizing your words. she'll scan it, analyze it (syntactically and structurally) before screwing you! so, you're fucking punked.

kenny made me laugh with his rendition of "ah piang" hair!

bah, i love my new working fast pc. i just love it.

downloading : Densha Otoko, Bleach, Yakitate Japan, Eyeshield 21.

for those of you who knew britney spears gave birth and what shit, this just cracked me up!

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September 22, 2005


minishorts said…
you. make. me. look. like. a. bloody. witch.


Jimmy Ang said…
*shivers* at the evil witch.

you just can kill people with your words you know.. and you take great pride and satisfaction! argh.. i better be careful of my comments in your bloody brog!



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