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i feel so fucking tired. basically, that's because i slept at 7 just now. yes, 7 am. what was i doing? i watched the whole remaining episodes of Densha Otoko. I would love to give a review of it but it's kinda like a miniseries withony 11 episodes. Wouldn't know what to write about it anywa. It's kinda something like boy with no confidence, falls in love with chick full of confidence, lives happily ever after. only this show has not that much of backstabbing. there was one but they made it to look like some kind of joke. always at the end, his plans would be failing like in the most bizarre way.

another thing that separates this movie is the fact that the geek gets the girl. yes, definitely an appeal to all geeks and nerds out there.
I can't recommend Densha Otoko highly enough: the production values are high, the material is funny and intelligent, and the characters are all attractively likable. This is very good stuff.

When faced with this new Net generation it is undoubtedly reassuring for older Japanese to see in the "Trainman" story that some things never change -- the thrill of holding hands for the first time, the excitement of a loving glance, the relief of finding that one's feelings are returned.
bah, enough about densha otoko.

anyway, i woke up at the sound of my message, it's my supervisor. i bathed, went there, got back my thesis.. and guess what?

it's bathed in crimson red blood! (ink all over)

well, that's most probably because i do my thesis everyday from 12 to 4 am. your mind kinda disconnects from your finger at that time.

i have not much time to blog nowadays, bt that's because i'm preparing for the final draft of my thesis which will be completed before the end of this week. it seems that when struck with a deadline, i pull things off... miraculously fast.

my handphone was repaired and there are some pictures i want to share but i'm sometimes just too lazy to upload it. i need to transfer it via bluetooth to my PDA, then transfer them into the card in my PDA. last, i need to take out the card and insert it into my pc card reader. just seems like too much work. but i'm in the process of collecting money to purchase a new digicam. hopefully something small. however i can only start thinking about it once my PTPTN loan comes in.

I wonder what in the blue hell is taking PTPTN so fucking long. i mean, it's like eons already. i'm already in the 12th week and the sem has only 16 weeks. my sem will finish in one month, now where is the money?

and one more advice to my fellow blogders. don't put your money in banks, cause inflation rises up faster than the interest rate. unless you put them in fixed deposit for more than 1 year.

it works like this, inflation at our current rate is roughly more than the interest rate. so, the money we save and get back could not cover the increase of cost next time. so, the money we save today although increases by a meagre few percent cannot compare to the price increase of stuffs in malaysia.

nvm... maybe i'm beyond my league here.

oh, how i wish i could go to starbucks, open up my lappie (laptop) and start doing my work there. they always seem to have the best environment for me to concentrate. but then again, a cup of coffee costs me a fortune.

i better resort to kopi-o-KAU!
September 28, 2005


suanie said…
starbucks is the best
Jimmy Ang said…
so is kopi o kau!

but really, starbucks is damn good...


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