.going off for a long journey.

yes, today is the oficial writer's block day.

just kidding. but today at midnight or somewhere there i am going to take a bus back to penang. it will be a long journey. roughly 8 to 10 hours. i will be tired and connectionless.. *shudders* but i hope to be back posting tomorrow or the day after.


tonight before taking a bus i a, heading off to a concert... wouldn't exactly call it a concert but some kind of show lar. by chow wah chien.

this is the first show of his that i'm attending but i'm hoping he sings some of his GOOD songs.

read more : here, here and here.


today i don't feel like swearing. i just finished meeting one of my lecturers for my PSM discussion and i'm tired. slept at 3 yesterday. PTPTN will hopefully bank in some money for me soon or i'll be broke. damn broke.

life is just giving me problems but i pretend to always look on the bright side. i wonder how long can i look at the bright side before turning my face to the ugly site...


one more thing i have to say is the use of swear words in my blog has gone to extraordinaire proportions. i really mean it. i wonder what i can do about it. on one side, it is what i can do to express my feelings. it's not actually meant to be hurtful or insinuating.

i don't think anyone was hurt by the process of these torrents of vulgarity but the fact of the matter is there are a lot vulgarity in my blog. one cannot deny it reading any of my recent posts. should i continue and like i always say... "cheebye dun care what they all think lar" or should i at least tone down to just the usage of english vulgarity? stick with fucking and shit? damn... this is getting me confused a little.

i believe my readership has increased by some amount. nothing much but definitely more than what i was hoping for. these people who come and read my blog and also give me comments, i thank you all. it makes my writing more appreciated. it makes me think that swearing is normal again. swearing is ok right? now eevrytime someone says a fucking word at the road side, just ignore him... it's a way of expressing anger, happiness, sadness, frustration and etc... but i think vulgarity will turn into a bigger issue if they use it for personal means to attack a particular human. that's just low.

but you all now what's even lower? using gossips and baseless accusation to talk about people behind their back. these bitches talk about people all the time behind their back and gossiping and spreading false accusations... it is a heavy sin... it's lying. it's a person's life you're attacking, changing, destroying. you'll really burn in hell for this. i don't doubt that. so fuck you all who gossip and throw baselesss accusations.


a recent talk that has emerged in PPS is the pinging of comercial blogs in PPS. should it be allowed? basically i don't think so cause it takes away more space for us bloggers. we are already a small community and letting corporate or money get into our way of bonding is just wrong. also categorizing pps will make the community even smaller. but i think tagging the site if their is a certain amount of vulgarity could be good. tags like (18-SW) for excessing swearing or (18 SXP) for sexual pictures.

haha. would be nice seeing all this coming into the PPS.

what about quotes as blogs? what do you all think of it? personally i think it's really a waste of my time reading it. i come to PPS to find information about malaysians... not some techno news which i can get from any hardwired news in the internet. if i want, i can just subscribe to my e-mail. the amount of spam they send me is irritating. i opted to unsubscribe after a few months.

quotes are ok if used sparingly or only if the person has something to do about it. look at screenshots, jeffooi.. he had a lot of quotes but he wouldn't quote them if they weren't related to his topic.

that's right. create and blog about a TOPIC and quote if the quote is relevant to the topic.


damn it, this whole posts looks toooooo... urm... holy.

chee bye lar!

there! haha!

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August 5, 2005


akmj said…
hey jimmy, looks like i'm one of the first to comment for this post.. hehehe

On using swear words: agree with u, if to 'lepas geram', then at least you don't harm ppl ma... but if attack ppl then really really degrading... Since it's YOUR blog, I feel memang you have a right to say whatever you like; not that you have made any ISA-worthy comments so far *wink wink*

On gossiping: Hehehe... familiar turf.. I was guilty of it, but have now repented, and I've vowed one year ago to try my very very very best to NOT gossip or talk bad behind ppl's back.. still keeping my vow, occassionally TERbreak, but almost always conscious of it... Yup, it really does destroy (literally the meaning of destroy) a person's life.. I've witness such a thing with my very own eyes.. Can lar talk bout people when they are not there, but not the bad stuff.. To me maybe stuff like "check out his reaction, his face cute, saw him at ayub that day" are perfectly alright... But never talking bad...

Oklar, so sorry for the long long comment...

Feel free to ask me to f*** off if you're uncomfortable / not liking me reading your blog faithfully (as I do with a few other blogs) and writing long long grandmother comments... tis not a prob if you do that.. absolutely respect ur privacy...

anyway, have a safe journey back!!! and hope that cough of yours go away fast!!!

ciao first!
Jimmy Ang said…
haha. one thing your definitely right is the long grandmother comments. a nice change from the short grandfather comments.


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