.cinta ku kepada mu. - .my love for you.

I've been living in Malaysia for 22 years.

I was born and bred in Malaysia since 1983. Truthfully saying, there are so many things that I do not like about Malaysia. Mainly the corruption, the racial politics, the people. Yes, the people. There are these mindset among Malaysians that we can throw litter everywhere, we can break the law, we can exploit the good hearted... we can! and Malaysia can.

Why do i say this? because i feel it is imperative for me to show the bad side of Malaysia before telling you the good side. Then you can judge for yourself whether you will love or hate malaysia.

The police in Malaysia... wow, let's not start getting into corruption. our pm, badawi has strict regulations and opinions about those. hehe. then there's also the drivers.... they drive as if the road is their father's. what a bunch of show off with their high flying insensitive lane cutting stunts. damn fucktards.

exploiting the good hearted, this one is just wrong. people who come out from nowhere always asking from money. 90% of them are liars. another 10% are being shadowed by the 90%. They have legs and hands, why do they resort to such things? ok, let's look at this thing from their perspective. we can't always blame them. because they might be really poor and that's the only thing they can do... but isn't it time they learn? is it because malaysia has been importing too much foreigners until these people can't find a simple job. where can they work since all the easy jobs are being taken over by maids, indonesian and so on... we malaysians.. either we work in the high rankings of society or we do not work at all. isn't there something wrong there?

can we blame malaysia for all of this? even the inability of the government servants to at least smile when serving you? is the government paying them enough? and why is the teaching profession so looked down upon now adays? it's not because of the profession itself but because of the system. teacher's can't punish students without thinking of the consequences. students coming to school with merz while teacher drives in with his wira. parents telling their children that, we don't really need to study. don't care about your teacher, if he even touches you a slight bit. tell me, i'll sue him. cause you're my only son and my business is sooo big it can last you for your whole lifetime.

is this what malaysians have grown into? materialistic and immoral?

well, after all of these episodes, i can still say proudly that i do love malaysia. yes, for the subtle things that they have done for me. i love the greeneries in malaysia. i love the simplicity of malaysian minds. they stop their cars to help us, maybe there is stll faith in goodness. i was once stranded in the middle of nowhere and my rear tyre was inside the drain, people actually stopped in the rain to help me. i was touched. i was happy being a malaysian.

i also remember the services and smiles i had encountered when i went to selayang hospital. i believe the patrons there are more fierce than the attendants. and i hope this situation do not continue, it will only be a matter of time before selayang becomes any other hospital. bitter and angry. i love malaysia because there are people out there who still serve us with a smiling face, these people represent our gov. and these people, simply put... reeks of awesomeness.

i have also been a reckless driver myself, i have also cut lanes. but isn't it wonderful that sometimes the person behind our car gave way. even though he/she knows that its rude? they rarely, honk us unless the line is like half an hour long and 10 people has just cut his/her lane. what i'm trying to say is that, not many people is that angry, even when we disobey the law of courtesy. malaysia seems forgiving but not without its flaws.

i love malaysia when my neighbour smiles at me. when the malay neighbour half a block away says hie. i love going to class and seeing a plethora of cultures. different types of people with a different mother tongue and different skin colours. we all blend together to make one beautiful color, and that colour is our malaysian color.

i love seeing the penang bridge, such a magnificient image, a structure so profound that it did not rock or budge during the 8.3 earthquake. how many countries can say that their bridge which was built in 1985 (20 fucking long years) survived a fucking 8.3 richter earthquake?

i love our twin tower. i love what it represents now. it does not only represent a mighty structure, it als represents unity. combined by a thin but long and sturdy bridge. i guess that's what keeping us malaysians together, anything can trigger off a racial war, but it did not and has not erupted after sooo many freaking years. why? because our bridge is strong.

I've survived the ups and downs in Malaysia, seen the best and the bad of Malaysia. When xiaxue said SOME of us in Malaysia are molesters and cheaters, i felt a tinge of pain... but i do agree. There are people out there who give Malaysia a bad name. But always remember that... there are also people who give Malaysia a good name.

Sudah 22 tahun ku tinggal di malaysia. entah bagus ke bodoh aku...

tapi yang sudah pasti aku cintakan malaysia. walaupun kita dilanda pelbagai masalah tetapi kita terus menghadapinya sebagai satu bangsa, bangsa malaysia.

krisis ekonomi telahpun berlalu, aku yakin kita semua bangga dengan perdana menteri kita. berbanding dengan krisis negara lain, malaysia tidak kecundang di tangan krisis ekonomi ini. sebaliknya, aku percaya malaysia bangun semula, lebih kuat dan lebih kukuh.

malaysia memang satu negara yang telah dirahmati dan direstui. kita terlindung daripada bencana. gempa bumi, tornado... kita patut berterima kasih kepada tuhan kita.

di malaysia, di mana mana sahaja, kita dapat lihat pelbagai jenis tuhan dan tempat bersembahyang. bukankah itu satu restu? kita dilindungi oleh pelbagai tuhan. bukannya tuhan kamu atau tuhan saya. tetapi tuhan kita.

"malaysia, a place where we are different but together."
- jimmy ang (2005)

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August 30, 2005


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