.my ideal job.

today i was browsing through my friendster. then i saw a bulletin from a fellow friend of mine, ecot.
she was posting about this interesting thing. something that can predict your job lar basically.

so, i decided to try it out lar. nothing better to do in my life wat!

i selamba only type in jimmy ang. suddenly it came out!

jimmy ang, Your ideal job is a porn director.

mak cau hai! cheebye! spoil my goody image only!
anyone interested in a full feature film? if you are cun and cute you can come for auditions :)

if you are a male (half male, half female also same), i don't want you. I have decided on the leading actor. And it is none other than the director himself!

chee bye lar. waste another 2 minutes. mak cau hai!

found other people wasting their 2 minutes of life.
- cowboy beep bop
- faith
- brian
- melody

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July 23, 2005


Wingz said…
can i watch ?? hahaha!
Jimmy Ang said…
can... but please buy original dvd. not pirated one.
Black Jack said…
Haha actually it was 3 minutes coz I spent an extra minute wondering if I should get my name changed for a different result.... bleah...
Jimmy Ang said…
what was your result?


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