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The Forest Above The Sky.

In a forest up above the sky, yes, hidden by the clouds, there lives a very magical forest. Its inhabitants are creatures that can talk. Every month, the king of the forest, Limbo the Lion would call for a meeting. They would talk about their families down in the earth and the way people are treating them. Some were very angry but most are still calm. They know that they can’t go down to the land and protect their young ones because it would compromise their sacred forest up here.

However, there is a dragon, whose size is no bigger than a mouse in our world. Although small but he is very brave. Draco the Dragon is his name but sometimes they would call him Diesel because of how easily he lights up and gets angry.

Like any other meeting, Limbo the Lion was calling for a resolution towards the way humans are treating the animals and destroying their homes. The usual suggestions keep coming out like “Bring our children up here!” or “Let them be, it is their challenge”. However, Mrs. Tonky the Turtle was upset and crying throughout the whole meeting. She says that her family is all down there and they are dying one by one. Soon, it will only be her alone in this world. At that moment, the whole meeting was silent. 1,2,3. Three seconds passed but it seems like an awful eternity for everyone.

Suddenly, the small Draco jumped out and says “Let’s not be afraid of them, let us kill them all! We can and we could if we want to!” And then with a huff of breath, he let out an enormous fire. Well, at least enormous enough for a small dragon.

Everyone roared, barked, mooed and quacked and gave whatever sound they could make as loud as they had ever made. Their anguish of looking and feeling their children die one by one is not a feeling you and me can easily understand.

They must have thought that from this day forth, they will be no longer be looking, they will actually be doing something.

But then, just as they were about to leave the meeting,

Limbo said “Wait, if we fight, we might lose more people, more family, more blood. And we might even lose our forest. The only place our family down there can look up to.”

And then with a sad voice, Mrs. Tonky added “Yes, if we fight, how different are we from them.”

Everyone was shocked at Mrs. Tonky’s response. They would have expected her to be the one rallying for this fight. Not against it. Her words struck everyone like a bolt of lightning. They were just like the humans if they fight, cruel and merciless.

However, Draco didn’t want to give up. He muttered under his breath “Cowards. I will go down and fight myself!” Everyone tried to advise Draco against it but he just didn’t want to listen. Finally, he packed his things and got ready for war. Then, Mrs. Tonky came knocking on his door.

She said “Thank you for your bravery. But if you fight, many of us will die. They will know about this place and we can no longer protect our child from here. We can no longer see them. And the humans might even kill all of the animals if they know that we are such intelligent beings. I beg you! I am not a coward and I do not hide in my house because I am scared. I hide in my house when people attack me because I choose not to fight. And you can do the right thing too. They are changing, Draco, give them time. “

Now, the animals are looking at the way we treat them and when we kill or mistreat each animal, their cries will fall down like drops from the rain. We call them rain, but they call them tears.

Have you hugged your pet today?
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July 21, 2005


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