.i couldn't believe my eyes cos kenny flashed.

well, yesterday i was going through some of the posts in pps and i was looking for some (singapore con) dxo news. i was also waiting for our inaugural malaysian blogger to post his journey in the singapore con.

well, as it turns out, he didn't? and he even deleted his old post? wtf?
well, the bigger shock was seeing a blog post from a fellow blogger posting pictures pf Kenny Sia and Siarong Party Girl flashing. I lost the link but if anyone has it, please link it for me in the comments section.

And then going to xia xue's blog i saw her anger in this post! i wonder if its related to kenny flashing! maybe it was a photoshopped version. since the blogger had kenny and the girl's face blurred.

argh! dunno! confused! what happened to his previous post? why hide behind the mask? like kenny said, maybe it was the itch! lol!

on an overseas note. i was also waiting for mr.miyagi's reply to sunday times.
Nabeh Sunday Times, you wait!

Yawn ah? Har? Yawn ah? Fucking heow! You wait! Limpeh settle with you when limpeh finish limpeh's work.
- by mr.miyagi
unfortunately, there wasn't much of a reply to it!
you disappoint me mr.miyagi!

argh.. too much confusion in a day. should get some rest....

edit: on a later note, i found some revelation here! issue revealed, topic at rest. bye!
blog concerns
July 21, 2005


kennysia said…
You never see my chest before meh?
Reta said…
kenny flashed a lot of times on his blog ler.. how can you miss it? =)
Jimmy Ang said…
haha! a lot of times leh kenny! i especially love the one with you and xia xue! lol!

anyway, still no one lifted my confusion leh. not trying to do anything, just want to know what happened...

p/s : if anyone is affected or disturbed by this post and the post immediately after this, please leave me a comment on why i should take this post out.

if it is relevant...

i wouldn't give a fxck anyway.
Anonymous said…
well, sarong party girl publicly admitted it was her. so i guess the other party must be kenny too. and she also admitted that xiaxue's post was regarding the controversial issue. bah...



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