i have been wanting to write meself one of these,
so here it goes...

1. i will not be held responsible for any liable actions that you do out of curiousity when reading my posts. remember that homosapiens were given a brain for numerous reasons. one of them is for reasoning.

2. i am not responsible for any liable comments that my commenters leave here. they do and write the comments themselves. i did not guide them.

3. i will try not to offend any party here on this blog whatsoever but if you in any way find that you are offended while reading one of my blog posts, please feel free to drop me an e-mail asking me to modify the post or comment. i will try my best to suit you.

4. do not assume that you know me and my personal life and also my feelings from my writings.

5. all my works are under a creative common copyright.

6. any hate mails or love mails that are sent to me could be published in this blog.

7. do not spam or flame me. i will stalk you & subsequently kill you.

8. any money made while you are clicking on my links are mine and mine alone.

9. i hope that my privacy will remain private.

10. in the event that you don't like me while reading my blog... piss off.

thanks for wasting your time to read this stupid disclaimer of mine! if you want to reproduce this disclaimer in your blog, please provide a link back to me on your main page and a made by link.
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July 22, 2005


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