.classes have started.

well, the majority of these few days are full of classes, meetings, classes, meetings and also pangsai and chiak sai. (literal translation, shitting and eat shit.)

yeah, everyday has been like a routine. for most of the days, i go to class and try to keep my bloody eyes awake. the lectures can be quite a stretch and i usually slept at around 5. yeah, not healthy but at least i live the way i like. :) much more than i can say for you!

anyway, today was just another practical class day that i try to share.

as you can see the majority of students in my class are back.
i even spotted one talking. damn. shut up lar! respect the teacher a bit lar.

kanasai, hey! you idiot student. i am talking here in front, you are behind taking pictures. what do you think i am, invisible ar?
- the lecturer

sorry sorry, paiseh har.
- me
July 14, 2005


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I''m not familiar with this subject but interesed.


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