.cheebye police simply shoot.

warning, excessive profanity! read disclaimer!

after the second cheebye bombing in london people are screaming and scared. yeah, if these bombings were to fucking happen in malaysia, guess the catastrophic panic it would cause. mak cau hai. i think i would be scared to go to class lar..... then again, wouldn't be a bad thing hor! can sleep all day! haha!

but then hor, in london. the first time the cheebye terrorist bomb the fxcking subways are soo mak cau hai adylar. i hope the telolist die naked while having sex with a fucking bitchy dog.
i mean cheebye lar. wan to bomb also go think for yourself first lar. who will suffer? cheebye, you kill the original people (pun for OR recipe) for wat? har? eksyen ar?

what is it that you want to achieve also never tell. at least robbers or kidnappers got an agenda! you simply go to fuck and bomb people out without telling anyone why? wah! you think you are the cheebye hero meh? come onlar. who cares about you? in fact your not even proclaiming anything? you are just a fucking coward who is afraid of life.

imagine if someone suddenly walks into your house and suddenly unloads his gun into your porch. ewww. then your porch mah full of sperms lor! mak cau hai! chee bye kia. sure you are angry wat? but if you don't know the fucker and never saw him or didn't see the fucker who came into your house to spray his white lanciao sperm, would you know what you did wrong ar? no wat? so, fuck the cheebye terorist lar. no brains wan. got brains also near the ass.

anyway, first time bomb i thought the cheebye tellolist stupid, manatau got cheebye people stupider than the cheebye tellolist. so, let's call telolist 1, cheebye stupid (CBST). then, telolist 2 would be mak cau hai cheebye lanciao moron telolist (MCHCBLCMT).

MCHCBLCMT is really really dumb. he come in to your house and spray sperm again. why? because he saw CBST doing the same thing a few days ago. then he also excited, thought it was a nice thing to do. chee bye, your life got nothing better to do is it? kanasai!

and then, you.. or me... the house owner. sure damn pissed off lar. mak cau hai. once nvm, twice really kurang ajar ady!

so, as the owner of the house, what is a logical thing for me to do? since i heard once that my friend bush also kena the same thing before but last time his one was people pang sai at his place, not spray sperm. and then bush go and kill everyone 5 kilometres near his house. wah, after that no one dare to go near anymore ler! keng leh! somemore he sooooo clever, send in his sons to do the killing and he take all the money! mak cau hai! damn clever man!

so, as the houseawner i also did the same thing lar. i go and simpy spray my sperm all around the neighbourhood! but i have to go myself and got nothing for me to loot!

now i understand why britis police want to simply shoot people at the roadside. because their jacket quite big wat!

i also must find houses whose inhabitants have big bulges near their crotch. that way, i can justify my revenge wat! sui ar?

chee bye lar! waste 2 minutes of my time writing this stupid post!

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July 23, 2005


Admin said…
whaa Jee Mee you vely angry hor. i see this kind of news i laugh only. get angry for wat? better enjoy my oh kau bit lah.
Jimmy Ang said…
not angry, just... urm.. disturbed. hahaha

ah pek, you old ady lar. somemore want to find papaya?
Wingz said…
dont hate me bcoz i got big gun !!!!!


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