.big blunder with i should have.

what if someone killed you and said.. alamak! actually should have killed your neighbour lar.

makes no sense, right? still, these kind of things are happening everyday. the recent one being this... link

wahlau eh.. wei, go and tell the idiots that someone warned them already lar! as donald tan in "tv smith's dua cent" pointed out through a major newspaper but his plight went unheard of... link

i mean, how stupid could people be, come on, take one look at that stupid bridge and you tell me it's not dangerous. eh, my lego toy also cannot tahan that kind of structure.

true, you could probaby argue that it's not a main road that most people go through but the fact of the matter is... it still looks like a hunk of concrete about to slam into your windshield.

However, I was again surprised to read that our Deputy Human Resource Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Bakar said...

Unfortunately, this is happening at many places around the Klang Valley.
I was like.. wtf? there are more of these dangling structures?

Malaysians, be careful... your car might just be the next concrete target. this could be a terrorrist act too. i mean, it's bound to happen right? just that these people are smart enough to make it look like an accident.

July 12, 2005


pinkylicious said…
The second layer of such fly-over is currently being built at the area of Subang Jaya. Heard that there might be a third layer soon!!!


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