.war of the worlds.

if war of the countries couldn't satisfy us, then let's go and catch a movie about war of the worlds. yes, it's the latest movie from tom cruise and dakota fanning. basically i have been a fan of dakota fanning ever since her big and most probably biggest feature in taken. now, she's back alongside little stevie with war of the worlds. the show is about yeah, the universe finding out that our world (the earth) is creating a super secret weapon and they are afraid that we might unknowingly unleash it to the universe. btw, this biochemical weapon we are producing is called AIDS and the weapon of mass destruction is called 'garbage' and 'pollution'.

war of the worlds was originally written by h.g wells and is a nice book which i say a must read... that was until the movie came out. why do they all always come out with such good rendition of the books. i guess people like to watch than read nowadays. da vinci code i heard is also coming out and the stupid lotr is over. i almost cried after i came out from the cinema on the last episode. i almost cried cause of two things. one, it was the last movie. second, it had so many people in there that we had to sit at the corner front of the freaking cinema. big credit goes to mpv city square for giving me a neck ache. damn idiots.

anyway, the last time i went to mpv cs was to catch initial D. after da show i was really really tempted to drive in drift mode. especially during the hilly road beside ksds. it's called jalan maut or death road for a reason ya know. sometimes they say that these kind of shows do not promote reckless driving (quote somewhere in the stupid newspaper) but i think, hey, they're street racers... what else can they promote? wear a freaking seat-belt before doing a 180 degrees turn in a bend on your way up to genting? god damn it. it's dangerous, but people live on the edge of danger all the time. i know i do.

anyway, what are you all waiting for? wait until my proton saga 1989 fall into the edge of the cliff then say it's not the movie's fault.. it's the driver's fault? well, maybe it is. to all whose out there. be careful when driving? how come no one puts up a safety bump in those hillside bending roads when they have thousands of those in small short can't see no kids 'taman' roads. i mean, i've been thorugh numerous 'taman'-s in my parade as a driver but i believe i can't go more than 50 km/hour in these stupid small lanes but in those long winding hillside roads, there are nothing more than a stupid sign post that says 80km/h. fxck you ppl lar. the most they can come up with is some stupid garbage blinking computer light that says... 'berhati hati semasa memandu'. try putting up a long bump once in a while. i'm sure after a few tries and a few crashes like this...

no one else would go far beyond 50km/hour. right my friends?

now i am gonna go and catch war of the worlds soon. anyone wanna catch the classic us vs irag showdown?

June 26, 2005


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