.she's on duty-a korean review.

i watched a pretty interesting show today. well, in a boring life here, it was considered the height of my excitement today. i know, i know, pathetic right. so, i would like to share this fxcking boring experience with all other pathetic readers out here. :)

first of all, the title of the korean movie is she's on duty. yes, correct. in korean it's called some shit which i don't really give a flying fxck.

the movie is about an undercover detective. can't pronounce her name cause it's freaking korean. anyway, i forgot. :)

so, this undercover detective has to go undercover in a school to get near the daughter of the 2nd boss of a gang in korea called the Whacker. (yeah, wtf?) anyway, the 2nd boss was gonna testify against the 1st boss of the gang but was lost during a pick up operation by the police. losing his trust towards the police, he goes into hiding. his only family is his daughter which is why the police have decided to keep a tight surveillance on his daughter so that they can get to him back again. but the 1st boss is also after the 2nd boss and uses his daughter to get to him too. so, it's all chaos. it's like you to him and him to me cause he wants you but you want her. i know, i know, i'm confused too. but the plot is really simple. it only looks complicated cause in writing, everything looks jumbled up.

the funny part in this show would be her getting to beat the pulp out of everyone in the school. imagine a martial arts specialist police officer going to school. conquer man!

all in all, it's a fairly nice watch. out of 5 stars, i would give it a 3 and a half. hey, that's good cause i'm really a criticist and a pessimist.

anyway, will be going to watch mr and mrs smith tomorrow. will post piccies tomorrow. just to keep up the suspense. :)
June 16, 2005


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