.petrol increase again? i was like wtf.

yes, the dreaded petrol increase has happened again? this time by 10 cents for petrol and 20 cents for diesel. wtf? i mean this is the fxcking third time in a year. are they struggling to kill us ar? haven't they got enough of my filthy blood? if they need more, come and ask lar. don't be a coward.

i mean, you can fxcking argue that they fxcking price of petrol is still the most fxcking lowest in the whole mother fxcking asian continent but guess what? fxck you and your pro-government nonsense. there is a reason why our government subsidies our petrol and that reason is called the fxcking PETRONAS you fxckheads. pardon my vulgarity but my greenbucks reserve is getting low.

yes, petronas harvests oil from our shores. and these shores naturally belong to who? not the fxcking company or what lar but to us, the people. the government owns petronas and the fxcking company earns its income from getting our oh.. so beautiful expensive black shitty oily water.

the profit that petronas gains were once said to be distributed to the people of malaysia through... *tada* yes, oil subsidies. and now that petrol price is increasing all over the world. the gov. ups the ante and says.. hey, petrol price up and guess what.. kita pun boleh up the price again and again lar. these foreign countries suffer from high oil prices for numerous reasons. one, lower import export taxes, cheaper road taxes, some even free road services including highways and so on so forth. but our malaysian idiots took this like the stupid bxtch that we are and go fill up our petrol before midnight. yalar, what to do, can save 3 to 5 dollars what. dumb monkeys.

guess what? i went to fill my petrol today too... sigh....
daily dose
June 30, 2005


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