.mr and mrs smith.

yeah, today is finally the day where i venture into the unforgivable lies of a marriage. basically that's what mr and mrs smith is about. a couple of assassins working for their rival companies married to each other but they have no idea who the other person is. kinda like the manager of cola and pepsi getting married without knowing their competition is just in their house. however, when they finally know it, instead of merging (it's against the interest of the shareholders), they fire and try to kill each other off. cool heh?

actually, i wanted to watch this show a long long time ago but i just haven't had the chance. i took this picture a long long time ago with a couple of my mates. the poster was located at the main entrance of the mega cineplex in megamall pinang. the embarassment i have to go through just to stand there. damn stupid man. i look like a fxcking idiot there. fortunately... i hope... no one can ever recognize me again!

Well, this picture was taken sometime ago. so let me show you all the picture that was taken today....

Yes, it's the hitz.fm ford ranger and its crew. i saw them parked outside city square jb today. so i took a picture with the ranger in the middle of the fxcking night.

to my surprise, the crews in the hitz.fm ford ranger were all quiet and were just sitting around minding their own business. i mean wtf happened to hitz.fm 'happening' attitude!

liven up the place for god's sake. give some cds out. or maybe they did but it was very early in the afternoon which i obviously missed.

anyway, i had a wonderful day today with my friends. they took me to this place behind the shopping mall that sells some nice chinese food. you know those hawker style places. it was a long backroad but very interesting nonetheless. reminds me of chow kit. dunno why...

maybe if you ppl come to johor, ask me.. we can grab a bite there sometime. i smelled this stall selling char koay teow and believe me, it smelled as nice as the one in penang. i didn't try it out cause i was quite full then... but maybe sometime soon.... the one thing i do not like about the char koay teow here in jb is their lack of 'Lap Cheong' or i think taiwan sausage. man those sausages with the cockles 'ham' is a delicacy and a must for all char koay teow. at least that's my 2 cents. so to all those hawkers reading this... put more lap cheong and ham in it!
June 17, 2005


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