.life is a roller-coaster ride.

there are no sure ways of success in this life. that is what i've learned in my life. not even with hard work. you have to find the right time for the right opportunity with the right people. and when that time comes, you have to have enough resources to execute a plan to grab that chance and hopefully make a change in your life for the better.

i know, this philosophical shit isn't usually my stuff but hey, i'm growing. it's time to explore different perspectives. nowadays, the agong punya muka on a piece of paper is of my utmost importance. yes, to all you numbskulls out there, that's money. as we move on in life to more responsibilities and become less dependent on our parents, life becomes a burden and money becomes a luxury no more. it becomes a necessity. remember all those people when we were small who said love is more important than money, life too and bla bla bla... well, obviously those dumb asses are not talking from experience. believe me, money is just as important as love and life. i'm not saying more but it's right up the par.

speaking of money, time is money, so to all those people who keep sending me those idiot from mr.allen smith shit, please refrain from doing so or i will expose your stupidity to the public in the www. yes, that's world wide. i mean, how hard is it to read the bulletin which says... to all those friendster is closing idots... isn't that obviously directed to you if you want to forward something about friendster closing? thank god you have the common sense to message it and not put it in a fucking bulletin. if you had... prepare for a big wallop from me. man, it's hard educating tennagers already but you adult numbfucks?
gimme a break.

life's been rough on me lately, so please pardon my fucking smart ass comments. like i said, i'm insensitive to the world. i am only sensitive or pretend to be sensitive in real life person to person conversation. :)

don't be alarmed, we all wear a mask when we go out. imagine the world without masks. there would be chaos. would you tell your best friend that he/she is a dumb fuck fucking numbskull who can't even add 5 and 10? no right? we are who we are today and we are tolerant towards each other because of one simple fact... we're all two headed evil knievel snakes. there's a real us inside of us who is waiting to come out. someone like a doppelganger. there is always a dark side... but we are who we are depending on how far or how much we can suppress this evil part of ourself from coming out. don't tell me you haven't quietly cursed someone (this person might even be your best friend or family.) ... now rewind and imagine if you said it out loud? chaos all the time right?

so now, get down on your knees and thank god for our ability to be two headed evil fxcking masked snakes. hey, that's why he gave us a brain to think and a mouth to talk. that way, we don't fuck up our brains. imagine the thinking is always done aloud. many heads would go missing just like that... i know mine will.... i wouldn't be alive even if i had 169 lives. yeah, you most probably wouldn't too.
June 8, 2005


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