.the supervision IV.

well, that's it. my supervisor's gone from my practical teaching. just like that with a snap of a finger and the supervising days are kabish....

i'm the stupid mother fxcking guru bertugas for this week. wanna know what it is? basically, it's a job created by the nonsensical school administration to make us teachers fxck up so they can find more work and blame all of the fxck ups that we do... again.. on us. yeah, whatever. anyway, got loads of project work man.

oh, regarding the supervision, i still have one. my teacher advisor. she says she's coming in on wednesday. this means 4k1.. which also means i'm fxcked up. talk about sorry asses. anyway, my life's been pretty bummed. what about yours? sure hope it's as lousy as mine! what? i do that all the time. you do that all the time... you know, wishing that no one were better off than you are. admit it suckers.

so... i'm pretty darn sleepy now. talk to ya all later.
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May 9, 2005


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