.revenge of maggi mee.

yaya, revenge of the sith. you see, i was caught up with the fxcking hype thus i had to go in line with hundreds of other dumb idiots like me to catch a glimpse of it in the middle of friday night. nothing better to do right? but i thought what the heck, since it is the last installment of star wars.

first of all, if you're a fan of star warts, i mean star wars, go get it. watch it and enjoy it... cause it's the last you'll ever get. if you're not.. save your money for another day. maybe get some burgers.

the whole movie was pretty nice but mediocre acting on natalie portman and ewan mcgregor made it so hard to live with. anakin was good in the last few minutes but that's about it. the worse part like my friend said is the delivery scene. i was like wtf? go watch it if you don't understand what i mean. i'm sure you would have the same exact words going through your head. but maybe in bm if you're malay lar. like .. apa ke bendenyer.. haha.

anyway, the only part i liked was the part where anakin lost his leg and was crying "i hate you" to his master. classic i tell you! that, for me was the most emotional part of the whole entire long fxcking show. goes to show how exciting it was eh? haha.

Sotw14anyway, i made an image to show my support of darth vader and his fat underlings. oh, yeah... another thing i don't understand is YOUNGLINGS? wtf? don't destroy our kids!
May 20, 2005


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