.i hate f*cking friendster.

yeah, no updates for today. i just lost my fxcking updates cause the dumb f*ck log in shit. this way, when i press the back button on my f*cking browser... i lost the fxck everything. who said typing was easy? shit heads...

rawr... anyway... wtf lar. i will just try to summafxckerize it in the easiest fxcking way possible. see what happens when you get me fxcking pissed off? yes, more profafxckanity.

anyway, hopefully my next fxcking observation will be monday or tuesday. yeah, the coming one lar. fxcking idiots. wednesday and friday i am hoping to do some stupid test discussion which is just a reason to get out of my teaching.

today the teachers asked for my help... yes, fxcking again. these dumb fxck requests just keep coming. like i said, the *slap* method will come in fxcking handy. whatever.
so, i was asked to give a fxcking 3 words a day fxck in front of the assembly. so, i just fxcking blurted the 3 words out. "slut, bitch and shit". the teachers looked at me in a way and said that's inappropriate. wtf? they're in form 5 aren't they? they're young young premature adults. i think they can handle slut, bitch or shit!

dumb fxcks... anyway, that was a lie.. i gave them some scientific shit.

ecot and i was supposed to nail some stupid golden words on the walls in the school strategically. i mean wtf is strategically? and appropriately? now, tell me people... where the fuck is the most appropriate place to hang a golden word on "charity begins at home" or "still water runs deep"? yeah i was thinking toilet for the latter one too. hahaa.

so, i was supposed to get a movie for my weekly routine but my wife might be going back to her hometown saturday so she needs to finish her work and all shit. man, i figured i'll get cranky tonight. come on, it was my only salvation. i was planning to go catch kingdom of heavens. now, i'm stuck with tv3 or singapore's blur channel 8 or 5.

well, don't want to write anymore lar. afterwards kena log in again. better select and copy first :)
anyway, i'm off to watch smallville season 4 episode 20. i think after long last, clark's gonna get together with lana again... i know they will break up sooner or later but i hope both of them go to a remote beach and ........ you know the rest. i don't need to be so descriptive. :)
May 6, 2005


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