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muahahaha, the new song by Akon entitled Lonely is awesome. if you don't know what song it is, let me give you a clue. it has one of those chipmunk sounds at front. it goes "lonely, i am so lonely ..."

i've been listening to it for quite some time now and i admit the blend between the chipmunk voice and his voice is superb. so...? go get it? in whatever way you can... pirated kar, download kar... whatever lar. just don't tell me!

oh, yeah i bought this wonderful flashing light thingie for my handphone. it's jack from nightmare b4 christmas in a coffin.

anyway, today i made amends for my past week. remember my movie rampage? i missed one last week so i went and got Constantine. i know it's an outdated shit but hey, i haven't watched it yet, so stitch it.

anyway, Constantine was cool! it was the epitome and i can say for a fact that i enjoyed it more than those dumb effecs that matrix brought. i don't want to spoil it for those who haven watched it so, go get it yourself. for those who have... lucifer looks cool.... mammon looks butt ugly and dumb and stupid. gabriel was a pain in the arse.

anyway, you gotta give it to keanu reeves. he's been handed all these high profile cool characters and he seems to get along well. wonder if he's as cool in real life?

so, today there was no after recess assembly cause it was raining. that means i don't have to do dick. screw them.

i finished nailing those god damn golden words on those fxcking school walls and what so ever thus i was a bit tired today. can't even manage to finish a show. man, my favourite past time must be two things, designing and watching movies. maybe eating too. haha, i eat a lot but i'm skinny as skinny as skinny as hell. but my stomach is not waiting though.. it's showing it's wrath. lol. maybe i should get a tattoo on it that says "This is your shit and your fault!"

dah, not much i can say about school nowadays, the students are over... tomorrow i'm probably gonna say bye bye. maybe take some pictures huh.. dunno lar but not teaching lar. just saying byes and talking crap.

oh yeah, i got to know that us practical trainees need to perform for teacher's day. bwahahaha, i was thinking of a rendition of 'revenge of the dark teacher' where this teacher who gets bullied all the time finally says enough and sports an ak-47 with an Osama look-alike beard to shoot every fxcking student in the fxcking god damn school. sounds cool huh?
May 12, 2005


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