.a very big day.

today was the most amazing but stupid day of my life. first of all, i went to school with 3 periods in my hand. one for 4 science and two for 4k1. now in my past experiences with the school, these students can sometimes get on your nerves. especially when they don't fxcking co-operate? i mean what is wrong with them? don't they have any respect for the *ahem-cough* elderly anymore! i mean i am older than them. come on, cut me some slack here alright? i've been busting my arse trying to find suitable activities.

however, much to my amazement. 4 science was quite co-operative and took a more keen interest in learning than i imagined. however, that could probably be due to the fact that 70% of the population is malay-indian. the chinese here are what we would call more 'kuai lan' or 'kurang ajar'.

4k1 was alright too. we had some conflicts at the beginning but it all turned out well. i also found out that i usually finished my lesson before the allocated time. and that usually gets me in a dilemma during the last few minutes when i have nothing.

oh yeah, my teacher supervisor came in with a cane. NO, not to beat me but the students! lol! ok, that was a joke damn it!

anyway, she came in to cane some of the students who didn;t go in the class in time and also some of the students who were sleeping. after the class, i asked her how was my class. she emphasized on TWO things.

let's move on to the first thing. blackboard management. i must divide the blackboard into columns so that i can categorize them and every instruction that i provide to them must be wrritten down in of the far sides of the columns on the blackboard. wtf? teachers nowadays has nothing to do izzit?

damn lazy mutha fxckers.
April 15, 2005


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