.lost post sucks.

i just lost a whole freaking post cause my computer booted up on me. damn fxcking shit. should've gave it to charity a long long time ago.

anyway, here's a brief review of what i posted. lol. i've been procrastinating for the past 2 days. after the supervision i didn't teach for 2 days already. i've just discussed the test papers. 4 freaking periods man in 2 days of nothing to do. wow! that was so refreshing. nice move too i might add. :)

anyway, tomorrow's a public holiday. i've never looked to a public holiday so much. the level of release and anticipation is just enormously amazing. i've been sulking about going to school everyday for the past 1 week and a half now. come to think of it, i don't ever-everrrrrrrrrr want to become a teacher. it's just sooooooo demotivating that it might kill me and my whole family cause i will go crazy after a year or two.

so, me, teh, dei and hani might be meeting up tomorrow to complain about our school. maybe exchange lesson plans and we also might talk about the upcoming english week. i mean it will be taking a toll on us, so why not make it a group work.

Hey, we're not lazy. we're smart!

saturday there's supposed to be a meeting in utm. but my teacher supervisor asked us to fetch sopme of the students to smk skudai for a scrabble competition. there's 6 students alltogether. hopefully i can bring ecot along or else i will be sooooooooooooo boring there. :)

so... see ya all next time!

btw, i plan to be fully utilizing the lcd projector and laptop next week and for the whole duration of the practical. come to think of it, it's better than spending money to buy mahjong paper. i'm broke to the extend that i can shit waterout of my xss. fxck those materialistic idiots in the world who invented money and economy!
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April 20, 2005


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