.the crazy things people do.

well, i just finished school and i came back. and what did i do? i didn't go to sleep. i didn't go to bed. i went online. jeez, i'm becoming a freaking nerd. i was like wtf? how can that be?

nevermind. anyway, sorry about some of the punctuations and capital letters. I know i'm supposed to be an english teacher and all but do i look like i give a flying fxck? no i don't. so, don't piss me off. i had a bad day as it is!

today, school was bad. i had three freaking periods of form 4 classes. the first class was a good class. i mean they are good but at the same time, some of them can be dumb. no offense students but i just can't lie! after that was the second class which is the form 4 perdagangan or ekonomi... whatever lar. it was even worse. i was telling all the students to sit down and this girl (who was already sitting down) said. teacher i already sat. it's them. and i was like.. wtf? screw you...

but i didn't say that. i said. i was not talking to you then, so shut up. talk about bad attitude. well, the purpose of my no bullshit first day in class is to show them who's the fxcking boss. don't mess with da man people!

i will make your life a living hell more than you can ever make me!

what's wrong with the generation nowadays? the students are stupid and the teachers are even worse. helding us back until 4!let me emphasize that again in big letters 4PM for a stupid bullshit meeting. I need my freaking sleep so i can wake up refreshed tomorrow! you dumb headmaster. get a life! go back to your family lar.

sheesh.... dumb administration brings out dumb people.

Donald Trump : you hang out with the losers, you become a loser!

so, yeah... i'm becoming a loser. WTF?
April 11, 2005


Anonymous said…
Oh for goodness sake, it's just teaching! What's with all ur bitching n whining? Comparatively, it's one of the easiest jobs around! Why the fuck did u do TESl if u hate teaching??


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