PARAW Sunset Sailing

28th till 4th May I was in Boracay, Aklan, Philippines. 

One thing I love about Boracay is their Sunset Sailing. They have this PARAW sailboat where it will take you to the middle of the ocean and enjoy the sunset along the edges of their sailboat. 

It costs quite a sum but nothing beats the experience. The view is pristine and although sometimes you have to share it with a couple of others but I think once you experience it, it is a much more personal feeling. 

I'm glad I did this sunset sailing twice, the first time it opened up my eyes and I was mesmerized but I didn't really take the time to experience it. The second time, I was prepared for the moment and I sat there looking at everything and thinking about how something so simple means so much more than the materials I have.

May 21, 2015


WenFei said…
I love it too! Shame that I just did it once 😔😔
Jimmy Ang said…
@wenfei, next time do it someplace else.


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