Thursday, May 21, 2015

PARAW Sunset Sailing

28th till 4th May I was in Boracay, Aklan, Philippines. 

One thing I love about Boracay is their Sunset Sailing. They have this PARAW sailboat where it will take you to the middle of the ocean and enjoy the sunset along the edges of their sailboat. 

It costs quite a sum but nothing beats the experience. The view is pristine and although sometimes you have to share it with a couple of others but I think once you experience it, it is a much more personal feeling. 

I'm glad I did this sunset sailing twice, the first time it opened up my eyes and I was mesmerized but I didn't really take the time to experience it. The second time, I was prepared for the moment and I sat there looking at everything and thinking about how something so simple means so much more than the materials I have.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

10 METERS down @ Crystal Cove

28th till 4th May I was in Boracay, Aklan, Philippines. 

You know that game you played when you were young and they have varying levels of difficulties? That game where you start from something small and simple and they work you up till you gain some confidence so that they can crush everything when you reach the few last levels?

That was kind of like the cliff dives they had in Crystal Cove, Boracay. They have this varying levels of difficulties to cure your feeble mind and they start you small from the 3M, 5M, 8M, 9M and finally 10M dive.

I was there early with Samantha, the rest had to leave and they'll only come back later. 

We took a walk down the plank to the edge. I just wanted to take pictures, she was excited about the jump. As I walked along the 10M plank, I took a look down, it was a far drop. These are the kind of things you thought you could do sometimes but as you edge yourself closer, the fear creeps in. Especially if you look down far enough and wait long enough.

I really wanted to jump, my stomach has a 9' x 6' scar which still hasn't fully healed. I can still feel the stretch along the lines. Samantha however, was eager and she decided to wait till the rest of our group arrives before taking the plunge. I can see the eagerness in her eyes.

The only problem with Samantha is... she can't swim. 

We waited there for an hour and watched as tons of people took the plunge. Some scared shitless and walked back... but rarely does that happen. The crowd was more than happy to encourage and cheer as people tremble with fear and shake their knees at the edge of the plank.

We watched girls and boys who conquered their fear. 

When the rest of the entourage arrived, Justin and Pete... they immediately took the plunge. I sat there in a nearby hut watching our stuffs and having lunch. I thought I would just want to sit there and watch as the rest of the gang took the plunge and get ready to go back.

As time passes by though, Desmond, Justin and Pete kept diving and diving. Samantha was there to photograph and video... but she haven't made the jump yet. She slowly gathered back her courage and asked one of the beach boys to prepare a buoy for her at the end of the dive. She walked slowly to the plank and we were all anticipating. I knew she was scared but I thought in the end she would sum up the remaining of her courage and make the plunge.

She stood there for 5 mins along the plank holding the railings. We cheered her on. Her legs trembled and her hand shook. I could see it. I was standing beside with a camera, focused and fingers on the shutter. 

She didn't jump. She couldn't. She took a walk back and smiled at us. I knew she was heartbroken and disappointed but she'd rather let it go. She admitted defeat.

I think that will be the biggest regret she will ever make in Boracay. 

As she walked back into the hut to have lunch, I smiled at her and said... let's go jump again. We'll all jump together, including me.

Nope, she was still SCARED.

Monday, May 11, 2015

One week in Boracay.

Personally, everything started in a quagmire of issues. From the departure up till the stays. However, putting that aside, the place is truly beautiful and everything was wonderful.

the entourage

the semi photographer

pool view

<3 p="">

the clown

The beach was pristine. With everyday being a party I am still wondering who wakes up in the wee hours every morning to keep the place clean. Seriously, the amount of partying there is horrendously scary. I was there for 7 days and basically every day of the week there is a party going on somewhere.

the night ppl get drunk and eat Sisig at 3AM!

island hopping

the 10M jump

the sunsets

the ATV

the peak jump

The highlight of the trip must truly be how beautiful the Paraw Sunset Sailing was. I did it twice.

the view...

28 April till 4th May 2015. Legendary. <3 p="">

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