One week in Boracay.

Personally, everything started in a quagmire of issues. From the departure up till the stays. However, putting that aside, the place is truly beautiful and everything was wonderful.

the entourage

the semi photographer

pool view

<3 p="">

the clown

The beach was pristine. With everyday being a party I am still wondering who wakes up in the wee hours every morning to keep the place clean. Seriously, the amount of partying there is horrendously scary. I was there for 7 days and basically every day of the week there is a party going on somewhere.

the night ppl get drunk and eat Sisig at 3AM!

island hopping

the 10M jump

the sunsets

the ATV

the peak jump

The highlight of the trip must truly be how beautiful the Paraw Sunset Sailing was. I did it twice.

the view...

28 April till 4th May 2015. Legendary. <3 p="">

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May 11, 2015


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