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.Hafedz & Wanie.

.Hafedz & Wanie.

Friday and Saturday 27 & 28th May 2010. I was travelling along the North South Highway towards Alor Setar. Set to meet a long time frien...
.RIP. Psalm 23.

.RIP. Psalm 23.

As you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, You shall fear no evil, for I am with you. - Psalm 23 (NJT)

Bro Code 101.

There is nothing more worse off than sticking up with a lousy friend who goes all out to get the chicks and totally ignores the Mars (Men ar...

.we always want more, everytime.

Alright this is going to be one of my more emo rants. I kinda miss being able to complain to my blog. All this while its been about jokes, m...
.Redang time.

.Redang time.

Finally, I've made it to Redang. I mean, I've always wanted to go there ever since ppl started talking about it... specifically eve...

.the future is now.

I'm gonna be making some high-tech investments. It is scary. I know it will be daunting but I'm hoping it will all turn out OK. As s...

.manusia makan rumput aje.

Susan kata dia vegetarian, boleh hidup dengan rumput aje. I kata "Rupanya you ini saudara sama kerbau, kambing dan kuda ya?" Sus...


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