.Redang time.

Finally, I've made it to Redang. I mean, I've always wanted to go there ever since ppl started talking about it... specifically ever since the movie from Sammi and Richie. Anyway, I owe it to Janice for making this plan and gathering the four of us from far away. I am indebted to you Janice. :)

The view in Redang is breathtaking. The sea is clear. I mean crystal clear. The water as usual is salty. The people are nice, the foreign chicks are hot, the beach parties... WOW.

Anyway, I paid a total of RM440 for the whole 3D2N trip including equipment rental. I wanted to test out the scuba diving but the group of 10 we went with couldn't swim and I had to accompany some. I mean who the hell goes snorkeling and NOT know how to swim? LOL. But they're cool people. I guess in a way the 10 of us were segregated with the married and the girls more towards family time and resting. While the guys and the four of us on top, we're more party goers I guess. No sleep is fine with me.

OK, now to plan the next trip... Boracay? Sipadan? HK? Siem Reap? Chennai?

Can't wait for the epic PHUKET trip this coming August!
May 15, 2010


arfz said…
Nice pics Jimmy. :)I think Long Beach is the most happening there.

Jim, I tried to do the feet n water snap like urs but rasanya aku berat sangat nampak pasir je lebih atas kaki coz kaki da tenggelam. Hohoo
Jimmy Ang said…
Hahaha, kaki dah tenggelam pun ok gak. Janji ada kan kan kan?
ndru said…
well done sifu. can see that u r getting better or is it the camera.. :)
love your style but dun over over la. :)
Jimmy Ang said…
ndru, Redang was all taken with Sony. My style mmg over wan. My niche.


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