Sunday, January 31, 2010

Epic dua.

Masa sudah menunjukkan pukul 2 pagi. Kita berenam masih duduk atas meja VIP di Fuel. Gua terpinga pinga kerana belum cukup mabuk. Gua pasti gua sudah kurangkan pengambilan minuman keras, tetapi gua dipaksa jugak. Met kata nak buat EPIC 2 hari ini. Gua layan.

2 jam kemudian...

Keluar lagu "Bad Romance" dari Lady Gaga. Memang kegemaran gua. Lagu Lady Gaga macam lagu techno, tak yah rentak, menari macam ayam berkokok pun OK gak sebab tune dia memang gila. Lainlah kalau lagu MJ ke, IYAZ ke, atau apa apa hip hop baru. Yang 'genre' macam itu memang kena ada skill breakdancing sikit. Takleh setakat hentam aje.

Gua menari. Kaki kiri, kaki kanan... Nampak muntah atas kasut. Terkejut babi...
Gua tengok kanan. Met muntah. Dia mula dengan titisan kemudian lepas setengah jam satu kampung dari mulut dia keluar mengunjungi kami. Masalahnya bukan muntah dia, masalahnya gua dah sediakan bucket untuk dia muntah, tapi dia tersasar. Macam sengaja nak muntah tepi bucket itu. Takpe, janji bukan gua yang lap. Kesian si budak dengan mop lantai itu.

Met duduk, ternyata malam itu sudah berakhir untuk dia. Dalam hati gua sumpah seranah dia, sebab sekarang gua nak ikut kereta (mengekori) dia balik.

30 minit kemudian, dia selamat sampai di rumah. Yang peliknya dia tidak berjalan terumbang-ambing.

Yang peliknya ialah mabuk dia begitu teruk sampai dia MERANGKAK pun terumbang-ambing.

Memang malam itu untuk dia... EPIC TWO.

Friday, January 29, 2010

nak update lah ni...

Mungkin gua patut update blog gue yang semakin berkarat ini.

Hampeh, biarlah. Mungkin esok. Jgn celik mata.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Social Media Profile Pics

Web presence has gone to new heights in the past decade. With the need for faster and more direct communication, we are becoming more and more dependent on social media channels like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Blogs. The appearance of social media channels see one thing growing, ‘the need for social media profile pictures’

These profile headshots will represent the person behind the monitor and in front of the keyboard. Without a doubt, what you portray is the only thing most people would notice and the need for a good social media profile picture especially for those who take their online presence seriously is important.

Most of these shots above were taken at one location with varying poses and different props or attire but the simplicity of a headshot is what amazes me. That plus good lighting. I just realized that I rely sooo much on lighting and shadow that the lack of it totally steals my MOJO. This is something to ponder about and hopefully I will learn artificial lighting techniques fast. Strobes and big lights are such a nuisance at times.

Anyway, above are a couple of fashion cum headshot cum social media profile pictures for actress/singer Chelsia Ng. She’s such a dear to work with.

Till my next project then. Tk.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Making the best out of the worst...

It was 5PM, the rain is pouring at parts and everywhere I go, the sky is cloudy. Things are beginning to get dark. I could not notice the direction of the sun but the light is still tolerable, I could do without a flash. My model called, she said it is raining where she is. I said it’s OK. We will meet and if the shoot doesn’t happen, we can chill at Coffee Bean discussing the next project.

She came half an hour late, her car was full of clothes she packed. She is a friend of mine and I love her enthusiasm. She is definitely passionate about the photoshoot. I love people who love what they’re doing, it makes the whole experience better and more enjoyable.

I was supposed to bring them to this place called Sg Burung with this beautiful paddy field and extraordinary sunset for the shoot but I had only the GPS to rely on. And the GPS screwed me over. Directed me to the worst off place somewhere in Butterworth. I couldn’t be more pissed off. Thus, we decided to head over to someplace in Balik Pulau by the beach and see what we could salvage.

The place we went to was dirty but there was this pier stretching out a hundred meters into the ocean with no one. We went there and just as I walked along, I noticed the sun coming out for a moment, it was just a lapse of clouds and it will be over in half an hour or so. I pondered and did some test shots. The first few moments were always awkward. I usually let it build up. Then as it goes, I got some beautiful shots but nothing spectacular. In half an hour, the light is gone. We move away to a different place and this time I had no excuse about the light because it is beginning to get dark. I couldn’t rely on natural light. I had to work with strobes.

I position her and we worked the strobes. One died, and I was left with one. Screw it “I said”, let’s make this happen. After a few shots. I nailed it, showed them to her and the satisfaction I get when they say “Wow, this is beautiful” could not be described. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

Monday, January 18, 2010

.the road trip - in summary.

What happened for the past few days? Its kinda like a long road trip. One I took alone. Believe me, the essence to a lone ride is definitely good music. I mean it. It took me through hard times and crazy rides.

Some of the numbers that were playing relentlessly during those long hours include:
1. Bunkface - Through the window, Revolusi, Situasi
2. Meet Uncle Hussein ft Black - Drama King
3. Aizat - Kau Aku, Pergi
4. Amy Search - Tiada Lagi
5. Saleem - Tinggal Kenangan
6. Andra & The Backbone - Sempurna

Anyway, I headed out early Thursday morning to KL. It was a 4 hr ride and I caught up with SillySeng at his office to get his keys. Then I headed over to his apartment to freshen up and got ready to go to Nokia Music Explorer's event held at Royale Bintang @ PJ. 50 of us bloggers / twitterers / music enthusiasts were chosen to preview the new Comes With Music service provided by Nokia. So far, I'm loving it... except for the fact that it's only PC abled. Some of the new songs might take some time but basically, I've found so much inside. My favourite artists like Kate Voegele and Tyler Hilton were inside. I'm yearning to find out more.

The handset that comes with the service is the Nokia X6-00. Supposedly I think an upgrade to the Nokia XpressMusic 5***? My first impressions of the device is the screen. It's big (same as an iphone) with exceptional clarity and the capacitative touchscreen is to die for. iPhone revolutioned it I know but Nokia incorporated it fine. I'm awed. Capacitative is the only way to go from now on. However, since I'm so used to the functionality of the E72, I'm finding the X6 pretty but lacking some business functions I need. Also, the missing keyboard is like drug withdrawal. Painful and slow to get used to.

After the Nokia event, I was supposed to meet up with TinglingTina, SillySeng, NottyNit, SharonO and YippeeHui. But since Tina cancelled, I guess the event was cancelled. SillySeng was tired anyway, SharonO was ok but she only confirmed it last minute and YippeeHui was inconsistent. NottyNit? He couldn't come.

So, I headed back for late supper with SillySeng under his apartment and slept for the rest of the day.

The next morning, I headed out alone again (no thanks to Aif) and met up with Bib and Ucu at Kuala Lipis before heading down to KB. It was crazy long. I was sleepy and tired. So I decided to kiss Bib's ride. A minor dent here and there but one that needs repair nonetheless. FML.

Then the night was awesome, met up with a mate and we had fun riding around the place. The next morning headed out to Hunny's wedding. Met up with some of the coursemates and camwhored a while. I can only stay a while cause I then headed out to meet with Ruby @ KBMall but she was out for lunch. I waited for around half an hour and decided to head back home. The ride back home through Jeli - Grik - Penang was shorter but as scary as shit due to one lanes everywhere and winding roads. The view was GREAT though.

Dunhill Define Alco and Fuel party with my mates to come later. I should definitely take more pictures now...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

.what's in a name.

an excerpt from the cute aif.

i remembered a time during my younger days when i was corrected for using ‘oh god’ because it is deemed less fitting compared to ‘ya allah’. to me it is still the same. in my heart, i am referring kepada Dia yang Satu. because He is still the same Khaliq, the one i seek in my every solat, the one i whispered to in my every du’a. and even so, bukankah allah ada 99 nama? so what’s in a name? - source

I'm glad to know that at least one of my friend knows what matters, what is important and what is true. Faith is shared among cultures and religions but somehow I think the word "FAITH" is much more important than the word "ALLAH". What is "Allah" to you if you have no "faith"?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


selepas insiden eksiden karangan lepas, satu lagi insiden berlaku. ini gua panggil insiden tahan kencing. sebab memang itu yang terjadi.

kisahnya begini, lepas Met langgar punggung kereta gua, kita bergegas balik jugak. Sudah lambat dan matahari pun sudah sampai afrika. Lagi satu jam mungkin sudah boleh nampak agaknya. Gua tidak mahu tengok matahari sebelum gua sampai bilik. jadi kita berlumba balik melalu ceruk ceruk jalan teruk berdekatan Valdor. Roda keretaku agaknya sudah bengkang bengkok. Tak apa, roda ku buatan Jepun, tahan lasak.

sambil kita berlumba balik, Met mintak kita pekena Nasi kandar Telekom. Gua OK aje sebab memang best nasi telekom ini. Tambah lagi dengan perut ku yang berbunyi macam ayam jantan berkokok ini memang sepadan.

Setengah jam kemudian, kita sampai depan Telekom. Parking tepi longkang. Met turun, terus dia pergi ke longkang. Gua ingatkan dia nak muntah. Tak apa, gua tengok belakang, satu pasukan polis sedang pekena nasi kandar jugak. Mesti lepas buat projek Mat Rempit atau tahan mabuk ini.

Gua pusing balik. Met sedang sibuk membuka ZIP.

Mak aduh, rupanya dia nak kencing tepi longkang depan TELEKOM. Gua lantas jerit dalam bahasa cina. "Polis belakang woi! Belakang!".

Nasib baik Met sempat kemut balik koneknya. Dia pusing belakang. Nampak polis, zip balik.

Nampaknya, tahan kencing lah budak ini sampai dia jumpa tandas baru. Dalam hati gua gelak sebab gua patut rakamkan video adegan tadi. Biar dia kena tangkap polis... kemudian pekena kat YOUTUBE.

Nasib baik gua tak JAHAT.

Monday, January 11, 2010

.jangan mabuk.

Ini kali pertama gua balik dengan fikiran yang waras gua rasa. Selalunya diorang lagi waras daripada gua. Kali ini berbeza. Si Trebor ini muntah atas meja pub. Bagus. Memang ada harapan budak ini. Dia terlena dgn tangan atasa meja dan muntah secara tiba tiba. Nasib baik meja itu ada ruang, kalo tidak... sudah melimpah satu muka.

Gua gelak, si pondan tepi Trebor cakap jgn gelak, kesian dia. Entah, rasa macam nak penampar si pondan ini. Met ini pulak sedang cakap dgn lead singer band. Dia sedang berborak macam macam. Dari kisah Form3 dan Form4 dia bercinta dgn gadis Melayu ke kisah dia masuk lokap sbb lawan kerana pompuan. Bagus. Dia sudah semakin 'open up' tentang dirinya. Haha.

Semo orang sudah balik lepas setengah jam. Saya mintak diorang berdua duduk luar pub. Satu lena tepi tapi mulut masih meleleh dgn muntahnya. Lagi satu sedang merapu, dia bagitau gua dia sudah jatuh cinta dgn perempuan gemok. Gua kata 'ok'. Kemudian dia kata nak hantar 'waitress' itu balik. Gua tahan dia. Gua kata 'Manager' udah bereskan itu, jgn risau. Dia nggak bisa balik ngan kamu. Met marah. Dia tendang pasu bunga tepi taman. Gua agak risau kerana tepi pasu ada longkang besar. Gua ubah tempat pasu, kasi jauh dari longkang. Nanti susah gua nak explain kalo ada apa apa terjadi.

Trebor bertegas nak balik sorang sorang. Gua mintak dia tinggal di tempat gua, dia enggan. Tidak apa, gua dan Met mengikuti budak mabuk ini dari belakang. Kalo apa apa terjadi, boleh gua bunyikon hon dan suruh dia berhenti tepi jalan. Kalo eksiden... terpaksalah gua telepon polis. Susah betul.

Setengah jam kemudian, seperti yang ku risau... eksiden terjadi.

Si jahanam Met langgar punggung kereta gua. Trebor udah selamat sampai rumah, tidur dah. Dalam hati, gua sumpah seranah Trebor dan Met.

Friday, January 8, 2010

.Carrier- short, very short review.

I went to watch "Carrier" in the cinema. It was RM7 and I feel cheated. It wasn't scary. It wasn't exciting. There were no hot chicks wearing skimpy bikinis all humping like they had crazy sexual libido. It was just bad acting with a bad script and a worse director.

But she wanted to watch it. And it was worth it. Cause we're not a couple but we had lotsa fun throughout the movie laughing and trying to scare the crap out of each other.
Anyway, nothing much happened since I last posted. I was infused with alcohol and intoxicated. Maybe a couple of dumb shit my friends did while intoxicated but hell it was wild.
As for the crazy things my friends do while drunk? Let's wait another day for that. I will post them in "Malay" tomorrow.

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...