.bedtime stories.

it must seem absolutely boring talking about Bedtime Stories for those of you who've watched it but for those who didn't, I'd try to make it simple and nothing too spoiler-ish.

yesterday, JollyJules, AbsolutAen, MasterMai and me went to watch Bedtime Stories. It started off like hell.

I couldn't find AbsolutAen's place. MasterMai came late by 15 minutes. JollyJules and me was crazee hungry. We bought lots of popcorn and cheezels as well as twisties and stuffed them down our tummy in a lame attempt to tone down the hunger. By the time I sat inside the cinema, the caramel-less popcorn was half empty/full.. whatever.

But the movie was absolutely funny and hilarious. Its more of a toned down slapstick comedy and you really have to relax, take a chill pill and enjoy the movie with an open mind. Crazee funny I tell you.

One of the funniest part was having the Brit guy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Aldous Snow), Russell Brand. He was absolutely hilarious.

And then there was these crazy stories that Adam Sandler keep making up which makes it less of a dramantic movie but more of a comantic movie. the first few minutes have to be bared with since there's the usual jokes they try to add in.

i'd say if you like Mr Deeds, then this is a one notch up version.

and oh, Teresa Palmer was hot as Violet.
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January 8, 2009


Syeida Alli said…
the part when Skeeter's tongue got stung by a bee was damn hillarious i laughed like crazy!


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