.you know?

you know when guys pee. they flush. and then they pee that tidbit again...
and they can't flush?
what to do then?

you know when you go to a public toilet, and there's people at the other cubicle.
you pee to the sides of the wall so that the other person wouldn't listen on you.
cause then they'd know how many times your dumb brain THOUGHT you were finished peeing.

you know when the car crashes. and the air bag pops out?
that feeling of being shoved into an air bag?
i wish those were breasts. wouldn't that be great?
i'd call them breastbags.

you know when you take a bath with your wife/gf to enhance your sexual relationship?
girls would think its awesome and all.
you'd both be back massaging, rubbing soaps all over.
its all romantic and sensual.
until the guy pees.

guys pee while bathing all the time.
no, they can control it... they just choose not to.

some girls on the other hand... take the time to sit down on the toilet bowl after bathing.
others just squat down.
don't think she's giving you a blowjob just cause she's squatting.
daily dose
October 17, 2008


Anonymous said…
so insane la zeemi.. i peed while i was reading this
Jimmy Ang said…
the thing that crosses my mind is... how come you can access the net in the toilet?

i dread to think of the alternative...

p/s: bucu benguin.. bindu kat u. bila u nak call i?
Anonymous said…
bucu benguin? funny nyer but cute..

zimmy, it's almost 2 a.m now and i feel like calling u but i fear the curse.. huhu
aisyah ecot said…
i wonder whats the curse???


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