.minor updates.

1. i finished the final episodes of TVB series Four and Last One Standing. I know, my life sucks. Yours are all da bomb wtf who cares.

2. Played futsal and sprained my knee. So dumb wtf. Then proceeded to AutoCity with Jack and Ajepz for lepak lepak borak borak. Saw Raymond Lam there wtf never sing also.

3. Celebrated JollyJules' birthday and NottyNit leaving Malaysia migrating to Thai lol wtf its so not true. Met up with lots of ex schoolmates. Haven meet them for like one day. But prior to Raya, it was like 8 years. Among the people who were cool enough to get RSVP invitations are Hajar, Hajar + 1 (Anas) Maizatul, Aen, Aen + 1 (Rudy), Khoo, Khoo + 1 (Kelly), Khairul, Nit, Mars, Jules, Seng, Me (lazy to change name wtf who cares). After the party, a few of us headed over to AutoCity and then back to McDonalds until 4 am.

4. Deepavali was full. Thanks to Privina and Thanes. No usual open house at Puva's place though wtf miss the food.

Next week, my reports from KL hopefully with pictures this time k?
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October 28, 2008


Samantha said…
aiks, how come Yin and MC didn't join the Raya party or Deepavali?


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