.trials and tribulations, and i emerged victorious.

the work is over, though i cannot say the same for all of my coursemates, those who are still doing it deserves my greatest support. i know how hard and difficult it is at times like these.

for the past 2 weeks i have been busting my ass off for an assignment called discourse analysis. this assignment requires us to tape / record conversations. my topic pertains to congratulatory acts. so i had to follow my friends all over the place during the convocation ceremony, believe me, i thank them with all my heart. a big shout out goes to yin yin, julian, pao chui, alvin and everyone who has made my discourse analysis possible.

from there, the transcription was downright hell. thank god ours were merely 32 pages long. others stretched to an enormous 95 pages of fucking transcription. if their ears don't explode from all the replaying, their mind would. any sane people would have to take at least almost a week to complete this.

well, plenty of sleepless nights have made blogging particularly hard but i try my best to keep you all updated and me myself. believe me, a day or two without blogging and the world is all different. xiaxue has gone on hiatus, shaolin tiger won the debate of the century, suanie is having a mid blog crisis (the time when you think about where your blog will move on from that point onwards) and PPS is no longer one click away. at least i know Danny Foo is doing something about it, will be pretty exciting to see how it turns out.

at the end of the day, my battered body rests, my torn soul replenishes and i sleep, at least for a while... however, the first thing i need to do is...

clean up this fucking mess!

or maybe i should sleep on it?

bah! whatever!

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September 9, 2005


Anonymous said…
you so lucky, can actually afford to sleep...

Jimmy Ang said…
can't you sleep din? work commitments? i heard you just got a big project. well don't be too hard on yourself.

take a nap for 15 to half an hour to refresh. really helps.


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