.the trophy wife theory.

Trophy wife: (noun) An attractive, young woman who is married to an older, affluent man.

well, i was going through the star online and my mind caught a hold of this. when i was young, i never can comprehend why such people would marry someone older than them 3 times. i mean not 1 years old marrying 3 years old but 23 fuckheads marrying 69 year old fuckheads. i mean, why in the blue hell would anyone want to marry someone who needs to depend on viagra (male) or some huge amount of makeup just to cover up the wrinkles (female).

however, as i grow older, i began to experience more of this fucked up world and i began to see a darker side of love. yes, there's the jedi force... us young people with young minds and there's also the sith force... us older more matured and experienced minds.

right now i'm 22 years old. which is not too old and not too young also wat right? if i were to choose a wife and i have two choices....
a) a young striving girl who's still in a blur
b) rich old bitch with all the fucking powers in the world.

who would i marry? i would choose the young girl without a doubt in my mind. why?
because as a guy, i have my ego and my pride. i don't want to be looked down upon by my friends and families as someone who eats soft rice (cantonese : sek luin fan) or as someone who is useless without his wife.

the fact that the girl is also striving makes it easier as we can discuss how to improve our life. i dont want to come back and see her with tons of shopping bags while i mumble about my meagre salary and my proton saga. of course she might also buy me a mercedes... but i'd be really embarassed to drive it.

however, if the girl was older than me by a meagre few years old and is god damn filthy rich and i love her for who she is and not what she has.. i wouldn't care what other people say about me. no matter how harsh it is. love can conquer even the sharpest pen and the biggest mouth. that's what i believe in.

however, imagine if i was a girl.

i have two choices...
a) a young boy struggling in life.
b) a 40 year old representable (can see, not too ugly) and damn rich mother fucker (not literally).

hmm.. this choice i can say i'd be hardpressed. girls usually have this problem because they love to be pampered. face it, who wouldn't want a restaurant full of balloons on your second date or the whole cinema to yourself. who wouldn't want to be able to wear all those evening gowns that can make you look 10 pounds slimmer. who wouldn't want all the best food and all the free-worry-stressful life you can have every day.

who donch wan? hah? tell me now!

however, keep in mind two things, i am not talking about boys with money taken from their dad or mom. i am talking about successful career man! they earn it, not like those prats who wouldn't have an inkling of an idea what to do with their life once their parents got bankrupt. yes, some of them are capable but most are idiots who get big degrees because their father has money to send them to some overseas big fucking university.

so, in view of this.. we cannot blame the guys for going for trophy wives also because temptations are hard to resist. however, i would think twice before going into trophy relationships. one, because you never know whether they love you or your money. two, who will be there to share your problem? they are only there to share 30% of your wealthy cake.

and besides, i will always remember the person who cuddles with me and share my ups and downs more than the person who never saw me at my worst moment.

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August 20, 2005


bUttsH4k3r said…
your last paragaph.

i totally agree with you.
Anonymous said…
I have a trophy wife who is sharing and enjoying the best sex I have ever had in my whole life!

thank you very much!

Jimmy Ang said…
butty : yeah! thanks.

anony : urm... well, good for u! how old are you? her? just asking. it's alright if you dont want to answer....
Jervin said…
this is why i havent had a gf yet... for now lah... anyway now no target also...

hard to find one like that these days... (refering to your last paragraph)

people nowadays all money hungry... especially some those from the cities... want to marry the rich only...

i came from a below average family... not poor lah... just nice only... saving as many pennies as i can... cannot feed the girl leh... hard...

who knows ah, i may be a bachelor for life... hahahahaha
suanie said…
sigh i cant even get a date and you are talking about marriage..

*shy away*
Jimmy Ang said…
vynn : donch worry lar. love comes naturally. but sometimes must work for it and find it also lar. dun always expect it to fall from the sky.

suanie : aiya, you can find wan lar, just don't set your expectations too high! mahai, you want all in a package wan...

where to find?
James said…
kanasai. talking about girl. my worse nightmare.
Anonymous said…
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