I'm everywhere but working... NOT!

My motto in life is to constantly work now. I know this might sound absurd to the few people who follow me on social media like facebook and instagram as it seems like I'm everywhere but working. The truth is social media is just a representation of pieces that I want to show people and it is absolutely not a reflection of my daily life.

I work, a lot. I work in the mornings until most probably till the half an hour before I hit the sack. The little time I have travelling, I read and think about work. I also usually try to cram in as much time when I'm not working to meet people and connect with people.

However, I do have my time offs maybe once in a month to go explore and see new stuffs, experience new things. The little time I have not working are all spent amongst those people I thoroughly enjoy being with. The little time space in between work I usually spend on social media trying to get connections or writing blogs, updating sites.

Last month (31st August), I drove to Krabi, Thailand. It was one of the moments where I took time off. I went sightseeing, canoeing, riding elephants and basically just being and not doing.

September 10, 2015


WenFei said…
Nice photos! Love all of them 😁😍 especially the last piece 😝


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