Social media is a medium, just like a pen and paper.

I don't usually talk about politics and I have friends from both sides of the party and friends who are apolitical. However, things in Malaysia seemed to have gotten out of hand recently. When reason and truth is no longer serving the common cause and everyone is looking for ways to survive their sins, you know things have gone from the interest of the bigger people to the interest of the smaller circle.

I'm a voter. As long as the country is well managed and my livelihood is not affected I couldn't really care much. I'm not a person who has intellectual conversations about the economic status of our country, the political powers in our country or the benefits in trading or investment.

I usually talk about life, the bullshit things we did when we were young, how to live our life and be happy, getting out and smelling the roses, parties, art, culture, friends... those kind of things are dear to my heart. I'm more worried about nourishing the heart.

However, the things we read in the media are beginning to sound absurd and I believe now is the time to start noticing and doing something. Although I know most of our news highlight on certain phrases and usually leave out the context and bigger picture, the crux of the whole conversation is also usually there. Read between the lines.

If we do not do something and fight for our right and say "I don't want to be involved in this issue because it still hasn't affected me yet or I don't want to get into trouble", then I can tell you that it will be too late when you pick up your pen or open your mouth.

When failures of our country are caused by everything else from Chinese Malaysians, DAP, foreign press, media, Soros, Christians, USA, Jews or even blogs. You know accountability stands for NIL in an organization like this. If your worker or boss blames everyone but themselves in every problem you encounter, how do you feel?

Simple, it is no longer a play of defense. Some say the best defense is offense and I guess they are pledging to the little minds of the people who are blinded by their belief. When belief is blind and without reason, and we do not question our morality in the undertaking of our belief then I believe we need to reevaluate what we are taught. Religion is beautiful, it is forgiving, it is encompassing and it is loving. Remember that, Humans on the other hand, they are born with no morality, we teach them right from wrong. We teach them love. If we isolate them and do not cultivate these values that are positive and instead focus on the negative, they will grow up exactly as what we have taught them.

Social media is a platform to get your ideas and thoughts out. It can be influenced to be bad, it can be used to skew truth but it also brings a lot of good. How many times have we helped someone in need through social media. How many times have we sympathized on people we do not even know through the use of social media? How many lives have been saved through the sharing of knowledge, how many times have we learned about love and the good in people through social media?

Social media is a medium, just like a pen and paper, we are the ones who put thoughts into writing. Don't blame the social media, blame the cause of human evil, the real reason people have so much hate. Start teaching them from young about things that matter. Instill it into our text books. Teach them about sharing love, teach them about the good in people, teach them to use these tools for the benefit of our society. Instead "they" focus on issues that they feel can affect the superiority of a race. I say with a firm belief that this is a racial issue because Hang Tuah is an Islamic Chinese.

You do not speak now, you do not act now, you feel that your actions might not bring a change. Then when? When all our textbooks are inscribed with only Abu and Ahmad and none of Ah Chong and Muthu? When FB, twitter and Youtube is no longer available? When the things we are fed are the things they want us to know? How are we different from North Korea then? Are we incapable of reasoning? Of determining right from wrong?

If pre-marital kids are holding hands in the cinema when they purchase couple seats, what's stopping them from having sex in the bathroom? What's stopping them from doing it in normal seats? If you curb the action and ignore the cause you will never solve the problem.

Human Rights is universal and for a political leader to say that it is not suitable in our country, I believe that says a lot.

What I see s a desire to control, simple and easy. To control what we think, how we think, what we say, how we say and as long as we are silent the shepherds will not unleash the dogs. If we stray from the herd, the dogs will be there to get us back in line.

If you want to be the sheep in the herd, go ahead. I want to be a fvcking PEGASUS.

August 24, 2015


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