I was stopped in front of KFC Sungai Dua.

This morning at 2.30AM, I was walking out of KFC Sungai Dua with a friend. An Indian roughly in his 40s approached me speaking in English. He was very polite.

He showed me his hand which had some bruises and bleeding. It was raining and he was standing outside KFC. He told me he got into a minor accident and some guy took his bag. He was left with little money in his pocket. He told me he called his friend and he was not from around here but he has been waiting for his friend for an hour and he can't call him back. His motorbike had some difficulties with his chain and he asked a mechanic to come. The mechanic charged him RM38. He gave him the RM10 that he had and he said he was short by RM28.

I actually wanted to give the fella a ride to his place cause I think he walked quite a distance. I thought of paying for his repairs and maybe seeing him off.

I had a friend with me though, I can't really leave her at the venue alone and I can't really bring her with me together. Who knows what is lurking around the corner if we go with him together.

So I decided to give him the money and watch as he walk away. It was heartbreaking that I couldn't do more for the fella but it was also heartwarming that I managed to help him. I hope whatever he took today he'll forward it one day. Looking at his demeanor and attitude, I think he probably will.

At the end of the day I think it doesn't matter whether he was trying to cheat me or he genuinely needed help. I think that if you can, let 9 person cheat you so that one person can be helped.

*I have no pictures as proof. I could be lying...

*picture from the directsellingnews.com (hahahaha)*
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March 25, 2015


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